A jeep is not engineered to stay on-road for its entire life. The purpose of a 4WD jeep is to provide maximum performance and comfort at any terrain, let it be an ill-maintained bumpy road, a steep rocky slope, a forest centred grassy route or even a sandy desert. However, the stock jeep you currently own lacks the ability to survive these terrains. The stock ground clearance of a jeep will not allow you to take your jeep on these routes as the risk of a fatal accident prevails due to the lack of performance equipment of your jeep.

A lift kit is installed to increase the durability and endurance of your jeep on an off-road track. Suspension kits are not only about the aggressive and massive outlook of your jeep. A lift kit alters the dynamics of the jeep. It is a vital component to use the jeep for the purpose it was built. It protects the undercarriage of your jeep while driving on rash terrains by lifting the body. This makes it a basic need for people who like to take excursions in the wilderness. But even if you’re driving on a regular paved road, it will provide extra protection at high speed against unexpected potholes or speed breakers.

There are plenty of suspension kits available for your jeep in the market, but Rough Country Canada stands out for the promising quality at a relatively low price. Before choosing any lift kit, it is very important to consider your needs as a lift kit might require alterations in the mechanics of your jeep.

Here are some of the best off-roading suspension kits for your jeep:

Rough Country 907s

This lift will turn your ordinary jeep into an off-road monster. 907s is specially engineered by Rough Country’s research and development team for extreme off-roading under hardcore circumstances. It provides an enormous lift of 4 inches in the ground clearance of your jeep. It features application tuned, lifted coil springs, Furthermore, there is a set of tubular lower control arms placed with rubber custom Clevite bushings. All these features help dampen the excessive vibrations and reverberations. This kit also includes a tubular transfer case drop kit, track bar bracket, and a complete set of extended sway bar links, which will effectively increase the traction, mechanical fitment and handling of your jeep.

Two sets of 10-stage variable valving N3 shocks charged with nitrogen are a plus point for the vivid off-roading action. Statistically, the 18mm spring-loaded piston rod and faster-cooling 54mm shock body offers a tensile strength of up to 36kN, which adds up to the lifespan of the vibration dampening feature. All the visual components of this suspension kit are painted with a metallic silver colour. This adds up to the overall aggressive look of the jeep. However, it cannot be installed on jeeps fitted with air-ride suspension.

2.5-Inch Levelling Lift Kit

This suspension kit is based upon the idea of a daily runner equipped with the capability to run on off-road terrains. The technology used in this suspension kit utilises 2 inch lower strut extensions. These extensions are combined with a set of strut spacers. They also have rear blocks to achieve a total of 2.5 inch of body lift. The OEM 1 inch block is replaced by a set of fabricated 2 inch rear blocks, which guarantees general durability and a longer lifespan than OEM casted blocks.

This lift kit features a complete bolt-on installation package with no need for an aftermarket strut compressor to install the application. The U-bolts in this suspension kit are locked through the edges to maintain factory-ride comfort.

These suspension kits will allow you to enjoy the adventure of wilderness, as well as the smooth ride of a paved highway road.

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