Aluminium Sliding doors are one of the best options to fill any home with bright natural light. As they have wide panels and frames, opening them allows the fresh air to circulate in the interiors. If you have installed aluminium sliding doors in your home they are integral to the design of your house. Homeowners with these types of doors in their homes, always want them to work properly and safely. However, sometimes they might get jammed or experience problems due to lack of maintenance or moisture conditions. Here are some easy tips to open and fix the aluminium sliding glass doors in any house.

Panels In Sliding Doors

All the sliding doors have two panels, one interior panel that is fixed and another exterior panel that is the sliding panel. The exterior panel is more suitable to pry open the interior panel. If you try to open the interior panel from outside, it would be more challenging to open. If you want to make your doors more secure, you should always install a sliding panel on the interior side.

Exterior Slider

The bracket is a striker plate on the doors and is like a hole or simple brace. The door latch has a picot facing downward that keeps the door locked. You can insert a screwdriver or pry bar between the door and its frame to pry it open. Insert the pry bar about 6 inches from the bottom slider corner and pry it up. Then tilt the door to push down the latch and the door will get released from the lock.

If the latch also comes with the pivot, you need to use another method to open the door. You may need to use more strength to bend the bracket or force the pivot to separate it from the lock.

If the door does not move easily, push it down to release the supporting bracket and lock it. After prying it you may need to change the latch. You might need to replace the bracket also.

Slider Mounted Inside

A different approach should be used to pry the lock of an internal sliding panel. In this case, you cannot access the slider because it fits internally

The only way to open the door is to work on the panel. First, check that the fixed panel ends at the bottom and at the corners of the top rail. Then, locate the bumper, bracket, or screws that holds the panel in place. Remove the screws with a screwdriver.

Like a sliding panel, the fixed panel is mounted on the rails below and above. Hold the static panel. Then open it. If it does not move, it may be necessary to prick and lift it. In that case, just hold it and try to raise it.

After the panel is removed from the frame at bottom, you can tilt it near your feet. That way, it will be removed from the bottom track. Then, drag down to separate it from the top banner.

If it doesn’t fall, you don’t have to use some more force to lift it. Insert a screwdriver or lever between the door and the bottom of the track. Push the door upward to remove it from the track.

If The Door Is Jammed

In some cases, the locked door can be repaired by prying it. For example, sliding doors with aluminum rails can get stuck when the metal is worn. If the sliding panel comes off a worn rail, place a screwdriver between the bottom of ​​the affected panel and the rail.

Then, lift the panel to slide it on the rail. Worn out aluminum rails are difficult to replace. Therefore, it may be necessary to change the frames before using the strips. However, you can install a cover to prevent the sliding panel from getting stuck.

The new sliding door rails can catch debris, hair and dirt to accumulate around the wheels. The wheels can also deteriorate over time. In all such situations, the door gets blocked and you can turn the screws counterclockwise to fix the problem.

In this way, the door gets lowered. You can find the fixing screws on the bottom inside of the sliding door. Then, separate the upper hooks. Then, tilt the door towards your feet.

Then separate the door from the rail. Inspect the condition of the wheels and clean or replace them if necessary. Then, secure the door to the rail.

Tampering Issues

You can avoid tampering issues by tying a stick or thin piece of wood between the track and the top of the fixed panel. In this way, it would be difficult to lift the panel.

You can also place a broom or wooden stick in the bottom track from inside. Although this method is effective, the door can still be raised.

You can prevent priests from going up and up by placing a mortise lock cylinder. Simply pierce the lock on the frame to secure it in place.

Another great option is to install an anti-theft locking mechanism. You will need to mount the lock from the inside. It can prevent the panel from opening or deviate off from the rail.

If a thief wants to enter the house, he can only break the glass. You can make it more difficult for the burglar by installing an anti-theft or security film on top of the glass. The film will delay the penetration of a sharp object. Sometimes the film can also discourage thieves.

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Final Words

These were some tips to open aluminium sliding glass doors. You can follow these tips to open a jammed sliding door or worn door. However, if you find it challenging, you can hire professionals to visit your home and fix the problem.

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