Most people think installing a peel-and-stick mural is complicated. They spend too much money to pay for an installer. The truth is that it is something you can do on your own. Moreover, paying a professional is not necessary. This article will offer tips to guide you before you buy a mural and also guide you throughout the installation process. Read, implement, and enjoy your new wall design

1. Before Purchase

  • Know Your Designs

There are different designs of murals in the market. Moreover, since tastes differ, you may also love some designs than others. Besides, every room suits some designs better compared to others. This is why you should define the design of your wall murals before you go to the stores to buy one. Designs majorly entail color choice and prints. As you choose, it is also crucial to keep in mind the price difference. Some mural designs are more expensive than others are. Therefore, work with a budget.

  • Know The Dimensions Of Your Wall

Have you ever bought a wall décor then realized it does not fit your wall after buying it? It is frustrating, right? Having the dimensions of your wall is necessary when buying a peel and stick mural. The reason that each stick mural is designed according to the size of the wall. It is something that will revamp your wall and fit perfectly, but only when designed to your wall size. The good news is that after handing over the dimensions to the designers, they will do the rest. That is if you prefer a professional. You can as well install it alone. Check the tips below:

2. Installation

  • Prepare Your Wall

After knowing the dimensions, ensure you prepare the wall for installation. Wipe off all the dirt and dust using a dry cloth. Additionally, remove any wall fixtures that you may have. This will help the mural to stick perfectly and maintain the stickiness. If your wall is brick or non-painted, you may consider painting it or cementing it before you install the peel and stick mural. Moreover, if you decide to paint the wall, give it a minimum of one month to dry off completely. If you want to achieve the best, invest in a smooth surface, not all murals will hide the imperfections on your wall.

  • Peel The Adhesive Backing On The Panel

Here is where the dimensions are crucial. If you do not know how to do it, use the same techniques you would use when hanging a picture on the wall. If you are doing a complete wall revamp, it is easier. All you need to do is align it on top of the wall to get the measurements right. After that, pull some inches of the adhesive panel. Crease it down slowly, exposing the adhesive side.

After aligning and peeling the adhesive backing, do the following:

  • Apply the first panel on the wall
  • Apply the second panel
  • Realign the mural
  • Double cut the overlapping sides- this stage is optional, depending on your wall.

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