In recent times, the real estate business in the United States has been on a blooming streak. There are more real estate investors than there were some decades ago. Additionally, more people are interested in buying properties. Hence, this period is generally among the best times in America’s real estate history.

When selling a home, property repairs may be part of the initial considerations made by the owner. It was once necessary for homeowners to fix their houses before selling them. Nonetheless, it’s now possible for a residential property without extensive fixings to be in the market.

Selling a house without extensive repairs is termed “selling house as-is.” This practice has quickly become a trend in the US for some home sellers. Not every homeowner has the available resources and time to fix up a home before selling it. Thus, selling a house the way it is has materialized into an option for homeowners.

However, this home-selling strategy isn’t always a cakewalk. There are specific requirements and procedures for the practice to be successful.  Concerning these realities, we’d be running you through the process of  selling a house that needs repairs.

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Essential Steps To Take When Selling A House That Needs Repairs

You may not bother about extensive repairs because you lack sufficient finance or time to do that. Still, it’s practically impossible to sell a house without putting in several crucial efforts.

Accordingly, the following procedures should be followed when selling house as-is:

1. Solve the Most Critical Problems

While you can sell a house without extensive repairs, specific issues can’t be overlooked. You don’t expect a buyer to be interested in purchasing a home leaking from all angles. A home with foundation damage wouldn’t be attractive to buyers also. So, these problems require tackling before deals are made.

Understandably, you may have limited time and budget. Nevertheless, use your available resources and time to handle the most pressing issues.

You may have to eliminate molds from the house and fumigate the environment. Redoing the electrical panel and fixing the pipes, tanks, sewers, and septic systems are also vital. You could also replace the water heater and revamp the HVAC control system. Solving these cases will make your home appealing to buyers even without further fixations.

2. Perform Minor Cosmetic Fixes

Several buyers are okay with purchasing a home that needs some cosmetic fixes. However, a few minor fixes would make your home more desirable. Various renovation plans don’t cost much. Therefore, you could oversee these minor fixes to give your house the required market glare.

You may need to paint the home’s front walls, doors, window panes, and front gate. If flowers are surrounding the house, then trimming them is a good idea. A home that has undergone these processes will naturally have a valuable price in the market.

Similarly, before selling a house that needs repairs, you may employ cleaners to tidy the carpets. You may also have to enhance the lighting by replacing the bulbs.

3. Examine and Disclose the Indispensable Features

Can you sell a house as-is without inspection? Yes, you could sell a home without a pre-inspection on a few occasions. But, most buyers request to see the residential property beforehand.

Similarly, one primary thing to do before selling a house without extensive repairs is a pre-inspection. You need to analyze the home’s features before listing the property. It’s through a pre-inspection that you can realize the most critical problems in the house. Afterward, state everything on the inspection report to the potential buyers.

It’s unhealthy for your reputation and reviews to hide essential details from potential buyers. You may have to reduce the home’s price. Yet, your buyers may refer you to other possible buyers due to your honesty.

4. Add “As-Is” in Your Listing

As previously stated, selling a home as-is refers to selling a house without additional repairs. This statement indicates that what the buyer sees is what they get. In other words, you won’t be investing extra expenses and time in repairing the home.

Again, a buyer could still call for an inspection. However, your agent can help you secure a deal that no major fixes will be made. Thus, when listing the property, including the keyword “as-is.” This action will enable you to find buyers interested in purchasing a home that needs repairs.

As would be expected, listing a house as-is will possibly reduce the cost. Nonetheless, that’s an effective way to sell a home that needs repairs on time. A place that has undergone some maintenance will have a higher market value.

5. Contact a Trustworthy Realtor

A reliable realtor could enable you to secure a favorable deal with the buyer. Plus the requirements listed above, a good agent will make selling a house that needs work quicker.

6. Reach Out to a Reputable Property-Buying Firm

Several studies suggest that selling a house to a property-buying firm is often the fastest means. A property-buying firm buys various properties from the owners, including homes lacking extensive repairs.

One responsible property-buying organization you can contact is Property Escape. At Property Escape, we buy homes that need repairs in a manner that benefits both parties. Homeowners interested in selling homes without repairs can visit our official website to strike a decent deal without having to spend on intermediaries.

7. Price the Property Satisfactorily

Pricing the property is a crucial aspect of selling a property. The price of a home could either attract or ward off potential buyers. Thus, it’s essential to place a cost that suits the home you intend to sell on it.

As hinted earlier, a home requiring repairs usually costs less than a new or renovated dwelling. Consequently, price your property appropriately.


As explained here, selling a house that needs repairs in the US is entirely possible. Hence, you could successfully market a similar property by sticking with the steps listed above.

Furthermore, suppose you desire to sell your home to a property-buying firm, endeavor to reach out to us. At Property Escape, we purchase homes that need repairs after presenting the sellers with beneficial bargains. Realtors that intend to find the best offers for their clients may also contact us.

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