Carpets are soft fabric and recommended for babies who have started to crawl and discover the world around them. However, carpets can be a dirty surface for them, trapping all the pathogens, dirt, dust and debris which can potentially be harmful for your child while they crawl around on it. While before your baby started crawling, you would have dumped some powerful cleaning agents on your Carpet Cleaning Kings Langley but now you can’t do that as it will potentially be hazardous to the young one, which is why you should choose baby-safe carpet cleaning strategies. If you reside in Edmonton, then these carpet cleaning Edmonton strategies are specifically for you. It will keep your carpets clean and safe for your young toddler.

Get Preventative

Major carpet cleaning should be done every once in a 6 month, but preventative maintenance can wipe out the need for harsh carpet cleaning solutions. You can keep your carpets comparatively clean with doormats and a simple house rule to take off your shoes at the entrance.

Regular vacuuming is also important for the maintenance of your carpets. Make sure you do it twice a week or whenever needed. A strong vacuum accompanied with a HEPA filter is highly effective in eliminating dust mites and other pollutants trapped in the fibers of your carpet.

Another important way to clean your carpet is regular steam cleaning. Especially the house with toddlers should definitely steam clean their carpets once every six months. It is the most efficient way to remove bacteria and other dangers from the carpet and it doesn’t involve the use of powerful chemicals.

Keep Your Carpets Dry

Soggy, moist and wet carpets can work as a breeding ground for mold, bacteria and mildew which are never healthy for your baby. When your carpet is dry, these things will fail to flourish. However, if you plan to wet wash it, then open the windows for proper air circulation or switch on the fans to speed up the drying procedure.

Use Organic & Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions

Powerful carpet cleaning solutions are important. It is not necessary to only use harsh and toxic chemicals for carpet cleaning. You can also choose eco-friendly cleaning solutions or home cleaning solutions such as vinegar, baking soda for cleaning. This will not let any harmful chemical come in contact with your baby.

Read The Labels Properly

Not all carpet cleaning products are hazardous, some are specifically designed to be baby-safe. Hence, make sure you read the label before using the product. If the product is marked as highly inflammable, poisonous, dangerous, corrosive then don’t use it for cleaning your carpet.

Hire Professionals

Cleaning carpet with DIY products and equipment may be tough, time consuming and divert your attention from the baby. Hence, you should hire professional carpet cleaners. They will not just clean your carpets expertly but also give you sufficient time to manage your baby.

For your carpet cleaning needs, make sure you contact Carpet Cleaning Services.

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