Preparing for your first bodybuilding competition includes a lot of important decisions. The first time can be pretty scary and nerve-racking. It is very important that the bodybuilder uses the proper guidelines that include, the amount and type of supplements to use, proper nutrition and the type of training he needs to go through. Furthermore, they should also decide beforehand if they want to participate in an open or natural bodybuilding competition. If it’s the former choice, knowing where to buy real steroids is also important.

Here are some things the person who wishes to enter a bodybuilding competition needs to know,

  • Workout every time like it may be your last
  • He will be dieting for a very long time
  • Have a specific goal in mind

Choose A Suitable Competition

Obviously you need to enter a competition to compete in bodybuilding. A bodybuilder will need to educate himself in the different types of bodybuilding federations that exist in the world of professional bodybuilding. Choose a federation that is best for you and your body type. Different federations have different requirements and categories. Choose the one that aligns with your goals and your interests and most importantly the capacity of your body. Do not overexert yourself and try to apply for a weight class higher than your own.

Mental & Emotional Health

A vast majority of body builders consider their physical health over their mental health. Very few take into consideration the state of their mind before they start preparing for a competition. Constant training and preparation for a competition can have very serious repercussions such as self-esteem issues. If you are dealing with extreme emotions or poor self-image then these are very likely to magnify and affect the person even more while he is preparing. Always make sure you are in the right state of mind and be confident in what you are doing. Believe in yourself, for if you don’t, you are bound to fail.

Pick A Partner/Coach

Choosing a partner to practice and prepare with is extremely important. That partner may be someone you just train with or it can also be a coach. It is good practice to have someone beside you, to motivate you and to help you.

A training partner provides a lot of moral support along with competition. Having a gym partner is like always having someone for spotting you. That is the proper way to grow.

It is very important to choose a trainer for your first competition. A sensible choice would be to go with someone who themselves have participated in these competitions and know their way around the gym. Get to know different coaches and train with the one who understands your style, a person who you are comfortable with. Interviewing people is always a good way to start. You can tell a lot about someone while you’re interviewing them.

Nutrition: Key To Success

Just like a car engine will always perform better when a good oil is in use, same is the case with nutrition while training for a bodybuilding competition. If gaining weight and building muscle is the objective then a very strict diet full of containing the right nutrition is recommended.

Bodybuilding supplements are optional. All the nutrients required can be obtained from a proper diet. If you feel that supplements will boost your growth and affect your training, consult with your trainer or other professionals on how to incorporate it into your diet.

Practice Posing

As it is the first competition you need to start practicing your posing as early as possible. Learn how to pose properly. The judges really appreciate the style and the way you pose a specific part of the muscle. Posing can be a game changer if other things are done right. Watch DVDs of other contests, go on YouTube, it is filled with tutorials on how to pose. Start practicing about 4 months before the tournament every day. This will improve form and will make them look effortless and flawless.

Doing something for the first time can always be overwhelming and scary. And the same goes for a bodybuilding competition. Believe in yourself and give it your all. Give it all you can while focusing on your diet.

Just remember it is just a competition, there is always next time.

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