Choosing the right computerized embroidery machine for your necessities is the initial step to beginning your embroidery adventure. Whether you’re looking for the best machine for your home business or embroidering a dress for your grandchild, a good computerized embroidery machine will be your new best friend.

In this article, we’ll share a few things you need to consider before buying computerized embroidery machines.

Embroidery Only Or Combo 

If you need a machine with only the embroidery function. You will find that this will be a computerized machine that gives you the capacity to edit, create and bring in embroidery designs into your device.

This type of machine doesn’t have sewing functionalities. This means you’ll need to secure an additional sewing machine to create new stitches. Embroidery-only machines are very forceful and are often less pricy compared to combo machines with similar embroidery attributes.

But if you want to sew but don’t have space for two different machines, think about buying a combination machine. This will permit you to embroider and also sew all in one device. Changing between the different functions is very simple.

The Size Of The Hoop

The hoop is known as the component that holds the material that needs to be embroidered. All machines have hoop sizes as well as a maximal embroidery section. Older computerized embroidery devices provide small hoop sizes about 2″x2″ going up.

For smaller sewing tasks like including logos on shirts or placing tiny monograms on towels, a 4″x4″embriodery machine would be suitable.

But if you’re looking to embroider bigger spaces like the back of a jacket made from denim or a pillow. A bigger hoop will be handier. Even though you can still develop bigger designs using a machine with a smaller hoop size, you certainly need to separate your design and embroider step by step. Which can consume a lot of your time.

Import Technique & Built-In Designs 

Another element to factor in before you buy is to look at the built-in embroidery compositions and fonts.

If you’re the tech-savvy type and plan to make your patterned embroidery or buy them online. Then built-in designs may not be important for you. But if you plan to import designs a lot, think about buying a machine that has designs preloaded already.


The bigger the size of the hoop and the more attributes it has. The more expensive the machine will be.

Usually, the price for a brand new embroidery machine starts from $300. So if you’re just starting and want to play around with embroidery. It’s recommended that you choose a less pricey machine that has standard characteristics. But if you currently have a business plan and are well prepared to go for it. It’s a good idea to spend money on a machine that will save you time and stress.


We hope that these reviews will aid you to narrow down your search. When you’ve made your final selection, just remember you need to furnish your machine with supplies to get the ball rolling.

Happy sewing!

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