There is no denying that society has become heavily reliant on technology. For animal lovers, the opportunities are almost endless. There are apps catered towards a dog’s health, YouTube channels are watched on a daily basis on tablet screens, a variety of gadgets are also being snapped up by pet owners, and people even dabble in a variety of animal-themed games. In fact, games based on the animals we know and love are generally excellent these days.

Whether you’re a passionate pooch lover or you adore your feline companion, there are some highly-rated games to sample on a variety of popular modern-day platforms. These games are fun to play, they’re fairly straightforward to grasp, and they can enable you to have some animal chums in the virtual world. Of course, not every game in this category is worth playing, though, which is why we’re only recommending the very best options here.

So, whether your preference is mobile gaming or you ideally want an animal-themed product for your PlayStation 5 console machine, then below are some impressive options that every animal lover should be able to enjoy.

Animalia Survival Is Shining On PC

A release where you can choose to live the life of a carnivore, herbivore, or omnivore, Animalia Survival is a great game to play on PC. An online multiplayer favorite where you essentially become part of African wildlife, this open-world gem is well worth looking at. Offering a realistic experience with predators to avoid and territory to protect, this impressive product allows us humans to experience what living in the wild is actually like.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Is A Mobile Favorite

If mobile gaming is more your bag, then Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is a title you simply have to sample. A free-to-play release that has risen in terms of its popularity in recent times, this Nintendo classic is now accessible on mobile, and smartphone users seem to love it. Running a campsite full of animals, you need to add to your population by helping any lost creatures, there is stuff to craft, food to make, and a range of other tasks that make this relaxing release hard to put down.

The Dog House Is Fun

One for any canine lovers among us, The Dog House is fun. Offering plenty of improvements following a recent upgrade, this doggy-filled masterpiece offers a faster and more focused gameplay experience, as gamers aim to win colossal prizes and progress through the game with a strong group of furry friends by their side. Pragmatic Play has certainly nailed this new variation of a much-loved classic, with the game’s strong selection of dogs providing one of the most pleasurable animal-related gaming experiences you can possibly have.

The Games Every Animal Lover Should SampleHay Day Is A Brilliant Farming Sim

A title that has been entertaining mobile gamers for a good while now, Hay Day is a farming sim that essentially tasks you with having to fun your very own farm. Similar in many respects to FarmVille, the game is made by respected company Supercell, the makers of smash-hit products like Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. Its sophistication is evident from the offset, with the game’s tidy graphics making for a great gaming experience as you plant crops, tend to your growing population of animals, and carry out a range of other tasks that are associated with farming life.

Other top games for animal lovers include Stray (PC), Crossy Road (Mobile), Gravity Rush 2 (PlayStation), The Isle (PC), Rodeo Stampede (Mobile), Super Phantom Cat (Mobile), Goat Simulator (PlayStation), Pokemon Go (Mobile), Read Dead Redemption 2 (Xbox), and WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition (PC).

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