If you drive a UTE you’ve got straight out of the shop, you’re probably enjoying the open rear tub. You can place and transport almost anything you want inside. However, you can’t park it where you want, and you are never sure whether things will fall off on the next bump on the road.

Many install toolbox canopies because of this reason. They want to ensure that their expensive tools or camping equipment are safe while driving. The open tray is excellent, but if you want ultimate safety and convenience on your trips, you need a toolbox canopy.

Choosing the right one is never easy. There are various shapes and sizes, and you must pick the one that suits your needs perfectly. In the ocean of options, you must know how to do this before ordering anything. Follow up to learn what the best size for your toolbox canopy is.

Think About What You Will Use It For

The size of the toolbox is directly linked to its purpose. Smaller tool boxes offer great accessibility and ease of use, but you can’t store too many items inside. That means choosing a smaller toolbox if you’re planning to have ordinary trips without the need for storing bigger things.

If you’re planning to go on trips in nature where you will camp, hike, mountain climb and similar, you should install a big toolbox. Consider a 1m high canopy that will stretch across the entire tray. In such a toolbox, you can place everything and even turn it into a remote bedroom.

Consider Your Budget

The budget plays an enormous role in what you will get because the bigger ones are less affordable. Of course, this is something you should not save on, but you must consider the prices before ordering something. The starting price might be huge, but you must know the following expenses too.

A big toolbox means more weight to your vehicle, and this means spending more gasoline. If you’re struggling to find money for the monthly bills, you must know they’ll be even higher after installing a huge toolbox. If you’re on a budget go with a smaller one that will still do the job.

Check Your Vehicle’s Compatibility With The Desired Toolbox

Not all UTE models are compatible with all toolbox models. Measure the rear bed and know precisely what to order. If you’re unsure about the dimensions, you can always call the pros and tell them what UTE you’re driving. They will know what is compatible with your vehicle and send you an offer.

The exact measurements are highly important because ordering the wrong toolbox means you will not be able to install it. Just an inch more, and you will find the box useless. Take the car to your dealer, ask them to recommend the right size, and pick what they offer.

Mind Accessibility & Functionality

When you get a bigger toolbox, you will need a ladder to get on top of it. The great thing about toolbox canopies is that they open on the sides, so reaching inside is seamless. However, a robust toolbox means you will struggle to get everything.

A system of shelves and drawers will ease the functionality of the toolbox, but if you get a smaller one, there won’t be enough room for such a system. This is why thinking about your needs and uses is essential before anything else.

Learn About Local Regulations & Laws

Every state in Australia and every country worldwide has different rules and regulations on the size of the tool boxes. If you install an enormous one, it may be against local policies, regulations, and laws. Inspect this situation carefully before installing a big box.

If you opt for a tiny toolbox you probably won’t have an issue. Some states regulate the size because a robust toolbox will limit the driver’s visibility, which may be prohibited by law.  

Think About How Frequently You Will Use It

Finally, think about how frequently you will use the toolbox. You probably use your car every day, but you might not use the canopy as frequently. If you only need it a few times yearly, don’t spend top dollar on it.

Instead, you can rent a trailer and use that option for these moments. However, if you use it frequently, it’s more than recommended to mount a toolbox canopy that is big and capable of withholding nearly anything you think of.


These six points above should explain thoroughly why you need different sizes of toolbox canopies and what might be the one that is perfect for you specifically. Go through them, read carefully what different canopy sizes mean, and pick the ones that fit your needs. When unsure what to do, you can always ask the pros.

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