The focus on Valentine’s Day is often what to buy the special woman in your life, but what about the reverse? What happens when you’re struggling to come up with the perfect idea for your man and all you come across is gifts for her? You want to show him how much he means to you and choose a gift he wants and will use. Well, consider the stress over and done with, as we’ve got a handful of high-fashion gift ideas that your man will love and leave him looking very stylish.

Designer Jewelry Will Elevate Their Look

Here’s a gift idea that is gender-neutral in that both men and women can appreciate designer jewelry. Designer jewelry instantly elevates any look and makes you feel more fashion forward. And these high-end pieces tend to be made very well so you know they will last for many years to come.

If the man in your life is unique, doesn’t follow the crowd, and likes to push the envelope where fashion is concerned, then you’re going to want to pick jewelry that reflects his style. You can shop SSENSE’s range of earrings for men to find some unique and stylish men earrings that elevate their entire look. Why not look for pieces that have interesting features, are oversized, have gemstones in them and so forth?

Earrings aren’t the only option though, as you can look at other pieces such as a designer watch, bracelet, pendant or cuff links for the guy who wears suits often.

Gift Him High-End Sneakers That Make A Statement

In terms of popular fashion pieces for men, sneakers tend to rank high on the list, and not just any old sneakers, but designer sneakers. Designer sneakers use some of the most luxe fabrics, colors and embellishments on the market. They often look like a piece of art rather than a pair of athletic shoes. This also makes them versatile in that they can be worn with a wide array of outfits, not just leisure wear. Many men collect design sneakers, and if that sounds familiar, be sure to pick a pair he doesn’t already have and one that he’s had his eyes on.

It’s Time For New Outerwear

While you may be looking ahead to spring and summer, the fact is that we are still very much in winter with much of the country experiencing chilly temperatures for at least a couple more months. This opens the door to another great fashion-themed idea, new outerwear. This is an item that can have daily use, so at least you know it will be appreciated.

As for what is trending in men’s outerwear for winter 2023, puffer jackets are very hot and stylish right now. But rather than the over-filled styles, opt for the more streamlined versions that still boast comfort and warmth. Puffer jackets don’t have to be thick to do the trick. You may also want to pick a color other than black, as it can appear more fashionable that way. Trending outerwear colors are brown, olive green, blue and grey. You can complete the look with a new ultra-soft scarf and gloves.

Not Your Typical Leisure Wear

When you hear the words ‘leisure wear’ do you instantly think of sloppy-looking clothing that is far from sophisticated? If so, it’s time to reimagine what you know as leisure wear. Today’s leisure wear is so fashionable, luxurious and high-end that it can rival office wear. If your man likes to change into something more comfortable for evenings and weekends, why not make sure he has trendy pieces to choose from?

Current leisure wear trends include:

  • Slim fitting joggers
  • Oversized designer hoodies
  • Fabric with stretch to it
  • Base layers
  • Compression clothing
  • High-tech fabrics such as moisture-wicking or antimicrobial

It comes down to how your man wears his leisure clothing. Is it simply to lounge in while at home? Is he hanging out with friends in his leisure wear, working out, or hitting the town? Your answers will help you pick the ideal pieces.

A Button Up Shirt Always Comes In Handy

Even if your man doesn’t have to dress up often, having a stylish well-fitting button-down shirt in the closet is a must-have. You never know when you may need one and because they can be dressed up or down, they are highly versatile. For men that aren’t traditional, opt for a fun print or pattern such as floral or stripes.

Each of these Valentine’s Day gift ideas can be perfect for the man in your life who is always paying attention to trends and fashion. They allow his personality to shine, put his twist on today’s fashion trends and give him something that is high-end and luxurious looking.

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