If you’re planning a change of career or have always wanted to work outside, there are plenty of ways to make your dreams come true. There is a great variety of career options in the outdoors industry to suit all kinds of backgrounds, experience levels, and interests. It can be a hugely rewarding environment to work in, with no two days the same and many different things to see and experience around you. What’s more, being outside has been proven to reduce anxiety and depression.

Here are some of the best outdoor career options to inspire you for your next step:


Contrary to cinematic representations of archaeology, this does not usually involve dramatic and bold adventures and escapades in finding rare and dangerous ancient objects. However, you are likely to spend vast amounts of time on digs and excavations where you may be fortunate enough to uncover glimpses of past civilizations and learn more about history.

Archaeology is a discipline that demands dedication and patience, and having a highly analytical mind. You can expect to spend long periods of time studying data to understand patterns and gather information, as well as working with other interested parties. It can be a great balance of science and outdoor exploration for those looking for the best of both worlds in their career choice.

Outdoor Medic

If you have a keen interest in helping others and want to enjoy the great outdoors while you do it, a trained rescuer or emergency service provider can be a hugely rewarding career choice. It can require extensive specialist training; for instance, you may need to know how to use a scoop stretcher at rapid-rescue.com.au, as well as location-specific training.

Being a medic while assisting others outside can also be physically gruelling and demanding, so it is essential that you stay in good shape for a role like this.

Landscape Architect

For those who prefer a more groomed and polished take on the outdoor world, working as a landscape designer or architect might be a better career path. This role often involves designing and creating practical and beautiful spaces for people to enjoy outside, such as gardens, public areas, parks and more.

You will need to have a strong interest in and great knowledge of plants, flowers, the local climate and more, and an ability to explore these subjects in a creative and innovative way, in order to bring the most appealing vision to life for clients.

Outdoors Guide

Another fun way of enjoying the outdoors is by working or volunteering as a guide. This can be a rewarding way of meeting new people and sharing your enthusiasm about a place or area that you love.

You can expect to lead people on special routes, talk about the history and special interests in an area, and you might even have to multitask as a group photographer at times! With the vast majority of your time spent outside, this is ideal for anyone who wants daily variety.

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