Research shows that consumers worldwide buy about 14-19 billion pairs of shoes in a year. One popular shoe brand across many regions is Nike, occupying about 50% of the athletic footwear market.

While most Nike sneakers were first invented for athletic purposes, people adopted them in their normal life and are now a significant fashion statement. This popularity is due to the comfort, durability, and high fashion sense that these shoes offer.

Here, we discuss the seven most popular Nike shoes loved for sport, outdoor fun, or casual wear. We’ll also explain why these shoes are iconic and list some of the outfits you can wear with them for a complete look.

1. Nike Air Force 1

Air force 1 is one of the most popular Nike shoes, whose sales have risen steadily since 1982. This model was originally invented as a basketball sneaker and was the first one to use Nike Air technology.

The shoes then transitioned into an iconic lifestyle silhouette thanks to the versatile canvas available in many colors. Besides, the release of women sizing in 2001 grew the shoe’s demand tremendously. Today, the all-white Nike Air force 1 is common footwear among women who are fashion enthusiasts.

The most popular feature about the Air force 1 shoe is that it has springy air cushioning. This design makes it ideal for walking or standing for an extended period with minimal discomfort. It also has a unique small medallion located at the bottom of the laces and an AF-1 engraving.

Due to its versatility, Nike Air force 1 is suitable for most outfits. You can rock this sneaker with your favorite pair of jeans and a t-shirt for a casual sporty look. Alternatively, wear it with both short casual and official dresses or skirts for a fashionable chic appearance.

2. Nike Air Max 90

Another iconic and one of the most popular Nike running shoes is the Air Max 90. This design comes with a highly breathable interior and a low-cut upper. It also has an iconic waffle outsole raised on the back for increased comfort.

Despite the shoe being available for over 20 years since 1990, it is still a preferred design for many. This popularity is due to the resilience offered by the durable leather and upper textile design.

Air Max 90 comes in various colors and styles ideal for men, women, and even children. Its comfortable interior and high gripping sole make it suitable for multiple sporting activities. Still, you can wear this design with shorts or jeans for a classic summer look.

3. Nike Jordan 1

Nike Jordan 1 is the first signature sneaker released in 1985 for Michael Jordan, the basketball legend. Even after being in the market for over 30 years, this shoe remains a classic and fashionable icon.

Jordan 1 features a Nike Dunk-inspired design that incorporates the Jordan Wings logo and Nike Swoosh. Its black and red design became popular after its ban from the NBA for not adhering to the dress code.

This design is available in both high and low-top silhouettes that match various outfits. New models also use the Air cushioning system and durable rubber soles with a pivot circle for enhanced grip.

Nike Jordan 1 comes with an Air-Sole unit for improved comfort and leather overlays to enhance durability. It’s now available in numerous plain colors and combinations ideal for creating a simple or sophisticated feel.

4. Nike Jordan 5

After establishing the Michael Jordan signature, Nike continued to release more designs under the same series, including Jordan 5. While the original models feature Nike Air on the heels, newer ones have a Jumpman logo.

These luxurious basketball shoes are popular due to their unique sporty design and exquisite interior. Going for over $100- $200, Jordan 5 is among the most expensive Nike shoes with high demand.

Despite this design’s similarities with the Jordan 3 model, it has new elements to differentiate it. The shoe adopts a fighter plane-inspired and aggressive look that resembles a shark.

You can wear this sneaker with vintage t-shirts and hoodies or a bomber jacket for an interesting and fashionable athletic appearance.

5. Nike Dunk

Dunks are classic and trendy Nike shoes easily identified for their low-profile midsole. This feature provides the footwear with proper cushioning and lateral support suitable for sporting activities. Their special grip for pivoting also increases the versatility of the shoe, making it ideal for skating.

The main reason Nike Dunks are popular is that they have a minimalistic aesthetic. This feature allows them to match with casual, official, and blended looks. The shoes are also available in many color combinations that can go with almost any outfit.

6. Nike Air Max 90

Air Max 90s are among the most popular Nike shoes ever in the Air Max series. Unlike other designs, these models have a bigger Air-sole unit created by eliminating the foam between the interior and outer sole.

Its waffle sole design and stitched overlays make the shoes comfortable and breathable. Additionally, the TPU details improve traction, enhance durability and create a lightweight design resistant to splitting.

Nike Air Max 90 comes in a broad range of classic color options to grant you a stylish and athletic look. Further, it’s available in various versions and styles modified from the original model made in 1990.

7. Nike Air Huarache

One sneaker that remains a popular offering by Nike is the Air Huarache model. Its high demand is mainly due to its unique neoprene inner lining.

This feature molds the shape of the wearer’s foot and ankle, creating a tight and comfortable fit. The iconic shoe is also lightweight and has an elastic heel strap for improved support.

Due to these features and a foam sole, Nike Air Huaraches are popular among athletes and avid runners. You can wear them with plain t-shirts and dark trousers or shorts for a laid-back look. If you prefer a more athletic feel, rock the sneakers with tapered sweatpants for a complete trendy appearance.

Try Out Popular Nike Shoes

Wearing different popular Nike shoes can create a simple or fashionable look depending on your outfit choice. You can also easily select several suitable designs from the most iconic options based on your desired style.

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