While Thailand has long been a popular tourist destination, there is one aspect of the sector that is growing exponentially, namely medical tourism. The very best hospitals such as Bumrungrad are located in or near Bangkok and prices are lower than in the West; many Americans come to Bangkok for hip replacement surgery and they combine the treatment with a holiday in paradise.

Dental Implants

Bangkok is a hub for dental treatment, with implants being the most popular treatment; such is the technology, you can have a full set of upper and lower teeth fitted and with a 3-week holiday added to the cost, it is still cheaper than some European countries. For more details, Google can take you to atop Bangkok-based dental clinic and you can take the first step to replacing your dentures with permanent implants.

Rest & recuperation

Most patients fly into Bangkok a week before their planned treatment date and enjoy the many attractions that the City of Angels offers foreign tourists. Once the treatment is finished, you can book a 2-3 week stay at a top hotel near Patong Beach Phuket, where you can recover in a tropical paradise.

Plastic Surgery

Bangkok has a well-deserved reputation as being the go-to place for cosmetic surgery, with many of the top plastic surgeons attracted to state-of-the-art equipment found in the best dental clinics. Breast augmentation is one of the most popular treatments, while face-lift treatment can leave you looking years younger. Medical tourism is very well-organised and when you make an enquiry to a hospital or clinic, the English-speaking staff respond quickly and are very helpful; you can have a Zoom call with the surgeon when the healthcare professional explains the process.

Initial Face-To-Face Meeting

While you will have a virtual connection with your surgeon, as soon as you arrive in Thailand, a face-to-face meeting is arranged at the hospital/clinic, during which the surgeon explains the treatment process and can answer any questions you might have. You are given a patient preparation pack that includes all the information you need to prepare for the treatment. Most people bring their partners to help with the convalescence and the post-op holiday is the perfect way to recover. Click here for proactive tips for the budget conscious traveller.

Hair Transplant Treatment

Aside from dental and cosmetic surgery, Bangkok is known for great hair transplant treatment. Start with an online search to locate a hair transplant clinic, then browse various websites and make enquiries. Always read patient reviews, as they give you a clear picture of what to expect and check out the many before and after images.

Medical tourism is growing year by year, as people realise that exceptional treatments come at an affordable price, while you can also combine a memorable and relaxing holiday to help promote rapid recovery.

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