One of the current problems of medicine in recent decades is the issue of female infertility, but finding perfect solutions to overcome infertility has become possible due to the rapid development of biology, genetics, and medicine. This problem can be solved with the help of ART, which allows a person to get pregnant with various forms of infertility.

One of the most common methods of ART is surrogacy. Below we would like to tell you about
surrogacy in Greece, relying on the opinion of experts of the best agency World Center of Baby,
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Peculiarities Of the Surrogacy Procedure In Greece

The surrogacy process is legal in Greece but not the same as in other countries of the world.

If an infertile family wishes about using the services of a surrogate mom, it must go through several stages. First of all, it is important to provide a medical document stating that a woman cannot conceive and bear a baby on her own. A surrogate mother is required to undergo a full examination at the clinic and obtain written consent from doctors for the possibility of taking part in the surrogacy program.

Once all the necessary documents are collected, it is allowed to proceed to the conclusion of an agreement between the surrogate mother and the genetic parents. It usually stipulates the rights and obligations of both parties during pregnancy and after the birth of the child. Only biological parents (future mum and dad) have parental rights for a newborn child. A surrogate mother does not have this right, even if she has a maternal instinct.

Cost Of Surrogacy In The Country

The conclusion of an agreement between infertile parents and a surrogate mother is possible only if there is no financial relationship between them. Payment of necessary expenses related to pregnancy and childbirth is allowed. It is permissible to compensate for services for the temporary incapacity of a surrogate mother. Such fees reach $ 10,000 and are not considered surrogate payment. Thus, surrogacy cost Greece is not expensive and infertile parents do not have to pay much money. The infertile family and the surrogate mother agree on how the price is transferred and what payment method is appropriate.

Prohibitions On The Use Of Surrogacy In Greece

The leading experts of the World Center of Baby indicate that there are a number of restrictions on the use of surrogacy. For example, friends and relatives of an infertile patient are prohibited from becoming egg donors.

Selection Of A Surrogate Mother Greece

Surrogate moms are usually selected by placing appropriate advertisements on the Internet.

According to the World Center of Baby, in many countries of the world, surrogacy is prohibited by law. Therefore, in Greece, one can often meet infertile couples who have arrived in the country with the aim of having surrogate maternity services.

Thus, the law in Greece is as loyal as possible regarding surrogacy. The use of reproductive technologies is even allowed here for LGBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual, etc.) and single men. However, these people are often afraid of being ridiculed.

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