Electric window openers or electric window actuators are excellent fittings for your property. You can operate them from a remote location. Press or hold down a button to activate the motor that powers the actuator. This action opens your windows.

Processes Involved In The Opening Mechanism

The process involved when opening windows varies with the type of electric window actuator in use.

1. Linear Actuators

These window openers are ideal for heavy roof lights and domes, as they generate adequate force to lift the vent. Linear actuators can use two opening mechanisms – rod and rack & pinion.

  • Rack & Pinion: This mechanism works by changing rotational motion to linear motion. The pinion engages the rack, and the power applied to the pinion forces it to rotate. This rotation moves the rack, converting the rotational motion to linear movement. The rack is in an external casing that you attach to the window. The rack’s linear motion caused by the pinion’s rotational movement pushes it out, opening your window.
  • Rod: Manufacturers fit an extendable rod onto a rack, and they encase the parts in an external housing. The motor powers the rod, and it begins to extend. Your windows open as this extension happens, as you’ve attached it to the window.

2. Chain Actuators

These electric window openers are available in double and single chain variations. You fit them on vertical windows. If your window requires two or more push points to open well, this type of window actuator can be appropriate.

Chain actuators operate similarly to rack & pinion models. A chain makes the pinions in the drive shaft spin. This spinning makes the chain’s links rotate through the drive shaft’s casing at a right angle, propelling the chain into a robust and straight form. You’ve attached the chain to the window, so the straightening pushes the window open.

3. Folding Window Openers

These electric window openers are ideal for side-hung windows, as they provide a 90-degree opening. They open windows outwards, inwards, or both directions.

A motorised arm attached to the window begins in a folded position. It unfolds as the electricity powers the motor. You fit the arm to enable the unfolding to open the window.

Benefits Of Electric Window Openers

You can enjoy many benefits of electric window openers.

  1. You control many windows from one place. People living alone can enjoy this benefit. You won’t have to open or close all the windows separately. Open and close them from one place. You can control up to ten windows from one place.
  2. They can be helpful if it is difficult to reach windows. These electric window openers can help you if your windows are in high positions. You won’t struggle to get to them to open or close them. A remote can open or close them.

Electric window openers can be excellent additions to your property. You will open and close your windows with electric actuators. This capability can help you reach windows in high positions and open or close several windows with one push button.

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