Let’s be honest. We all have used Torrentz or a similar website for streaming and downloading our favorite content. Torrentz is a popular metasearch engine for torrents, owned and run by an individual Flippy (alias). This Finland-based platform was founded in 2003 and it indexed a plethora of torrents from significant torrent websites. It remained a popular and highly used platform by 2012. In 2016, the operators shut down the website. And the users were left looking for equally efficient alternatives!

We have jotted down 15 different Torrentz alternatives for you to fulfill your streaming and downloading cravings to the fullest. 

Top 15 Alternatives Of Torrentz

Most of these are have comprehensive listings of trending shows and movies. At the very least, they are great and considerable options instead of waiting for your favorite movies and shows to be aired on. You can watch them at the time of your convenience!

1. 1337x

This refined torrent tracker became increasingly popular after Torrentz was shut down. It is a general-purpose tracker for torrent. 1337x offers a good mix of movies, music, games, software, and other content variety. It has wide availability and has several multiple alternative domains. 

2. Torrent Downloads

It is a perfect backup tracker. You get to enjoy a better and more comprehensive design, exciting features and a huge selection of content. The site has a higher uptime and you will find very few trackers as balanced as this one is. 

3. Lime Torrents

LimeTorrents doesn’t get the deserved limelight much often. It actually deserves a lot of attention. The design is a little dated but the selection of torrents is quite healthy. And that’s what matters the most. The platform is online all the time, unlike most of the popular torrent trackers. The site also has a comprehensive and useful FAQ section that essentially explains various important terms related to the torrent. 

4. Zooqle

Among all different torrent sites, Zooqle is a rising and shining star. With many active seeds and about 4 million verified torrents, the forum is a great source of recent releases and cult classic content. The home page is well designed with all the popular movies and TV shows listed. It provides smooth access to the torrents, which are most seeded. 

Zooqle is available in English and Russian. 

5. TorLock

With a fresh design and fresher torrents, TorLock is a promising torrent tracker. You can browse all the torrents by category. You can also take advantage of the handy search bar and search for a specific torrent. If you are clueless about what to watch and need to enjoy some entertainment, you can skim through the top 100 popular torrents. The site has its own news section too.

6. The Pirate Bay

This legendary torrent site is a great place for your favorite content. Since its launch, the site has spent more than 15 years online. The design of the site is inspired by Google and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the site is as usable as the said search engine is. The pop-ups and ads are a little inconvenient. 

The site offers everything from movies and music to games and software apps. 


RARTV is a famous distribution group with TV shows as their specialty. RARBG is run by the said group and you can find a good variety of content on it. In addition to RARTV releases, the tracker also includes various sorts of content such as games, movies, music, and so on. 


This torrent site is exclusive for movies and shows. So, if you are into them, it is perhaps the best platform. But if you are into music and games, this site is not for you. The picture quality offered is 720p or 1080p. You can find a massive number of seeds on the site. The movies have subtitles in several languages. The content is neatly categorized into genres. 

9. Torrent Hounds

TorrentHounds has been attacked frequently by the authorities. Yet it has managed to survive. It still serves the best torrents for various communities. You can download music, movies, software, and games from the website. The site has emerged as a community where you can discuss various torrent related things.

The site claims to have more than 80 million files in various categories, which have hundreds of downloads a day. The only downside is the user interface. It is old but it still serves the purpose. 

10. Extra Torrent

ExtraTorrent is one of the largest Torrent communities. The archive has millions of torrents from the genres of movies, games, music, software, and other niches. Since it has an active community, you can easily figure out the availability, safety, and quality of the torrents before you download them. 

11. Popcorn Time

It wouldn’t be wrong to use vpn to watch netflix. It is not a website for torrents but an app available for Android, Windows, Mac, iOS, and so on. You can watch movies directly from the torrents. It’s more like a streaming experience. The app will automatically find 720p, 1080p, and even 3D for you to enjoy content in great picture quality. 

12. Academic Torrents

For torrent lovers and research lovers, this is the best one. This site is a joint effort of some worthy universities like the University of Berkely, the University of Michigan, the University of Texas, and others. You can take advantage of the distributed system to share enormous datasets. The resulted repository is are secure, scalable, and fault-tolerant. 

13. AIO Search

AIO Search is the Google of Torrent sites. It allows you to look up torrents from more than sixty sites together. The results are shown in tabs and you can click on any torrent site to see what is offered against your search query. This feature is rare and makes this site worth it. 

14. Katcr.co

It looks like the original KickAss torrent site. The user interface and design are masked. The site offers a wide variety of content for you to enjoy. 

15. The Internet Archive

This site is a great addition to the list of torrent sites. The archive includes more than six thousand movie titles. It also includes software, Ebooks, and other stuff. The site provides links to torrent files.

The movies are available in several languages including French, English, Portuguese, German, and so on. They have old movies dating back to as much as 1936. They also offer a number of rare book titles, which you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

You can thank us later for this list!

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