Logo designing is not an easy task. Logo design services providers never skip any assistance they can get to make the perfect logo, which will be the first impression of the business for its audience. It is the face of your client/company in the online and offline world. 

Chrome browser can be an excellent companion for when you’re designing a logo, thanks to its useful tools, popularly known as Chrome tools.

Chrome has an astounding 67.66% market share, and without saying, it is the best browser available today. Needless to say, it’s also the first choice of every professional logo design services provider. Why? Well, other than being speedy, having a great UI, designers love chrome for its helpful collection of extensions that assist them in designing the perfect logo.

Most of the Chrome extensions are free and are a great set of tools for important information relating to design, including the name of the font, line-height, size, and more, and for inspiration, such as the color palette of a particular website, and the list goes on.

So, here is a list of the best Google chrome extensions that every logo designer should add in their logo design inventory to help in their logo design process.

1. WhatFont

Like typographic logos? What font is a fantastic tool for designers always in a lookout for beautiful fonts for their work. This tool allows the user to hover over the font on the web page to get the font’s details, which include; font name, font family, weight, line-height, size, and even the hex color code of that font. But, that’s not it; WhatFont also provides a downloadable link of the font via Typekit. It starts a love affair between the designer and the fonts.

2. Spectrum

Everyone is working to make the Web usable and accessible to everyone. Spectrum is one of the great tools designed with people having color deficiencies in mind. Designers can use this tool to test that their website is usable for people having color vision imparities. To use the tool, just click on the spectrum extension icon on the Chrome browser dashboard, and a drop-down list would follow. Select the specific color deficiency to see the webpage through the eyes of the user having a specific vision inadequacy.

3. ColorZilla

It often happens that you are exploring the web and suddenly spot a color that you would like to try on your next design project. But, pass through the phase where you can’t drag the photoshop color picker to add color to the foreground. 

So, here it is, just for you, a color picker for Chrome! Known as ColorZilla, the tool allows you to activate the eyedropper by clicking the extension in the dashboard, choosing ‘Pick Color From Page,’ among other options, then simply hovering the mouse over your color and clicking on it. You’ll notice a black box appears in the chrome top bar showing RGB or Hexadecimal color. Press ‘Clip to Clipboard’, and you have the text code copied. Paste it in your design application, and enjoy.

4. Site Palette

Out for color inspirations for your logo? When suddenly you get to the site of a famous brand, having a beautiful logo theme, which is trending? Well, you are in for a treat. With Site Palette Google Chrome extension, you can grab the color palette of the site with a press of a button. You can also download the color palette or share it easily.

5. Muzli 2

One of the best extensions for chrome. Muzli 2 can be a great source of the latest and trending design-related happenings in the world, which also includes logo designs. The extension curates the most inspiring and professionally hand-picked UI, UX, and interactive news and shots from all over the web. The company describes itself as the one-stop-shop for all the design inspiration you need, which is true. The Muzli 2 extension can change your default chrome homepage to its own, if you don’t want it to, you can easily change that in chrome settings.

6. Page Ruler

A perfect logo consists of perfection in every corner of it, be it color, font, design, and size, as well. You might find a remarkable logo that wouldn’t look as appealing in banners, as in websites. Some logos are big, some small. But, what dimensions are inspiring websites using? With Page Ruler, you can find the logo dimensions, so you know how the professional logo service providers are using them in their work.


There are many more extensions in the Chrome store that even logo design services providers use to make the logo design process more comfortable, and also dramatically improve the outcome, which wouldn’t have been, without these tools, as appealing. So, don’t skip a chance to find inspiration and become an inspiration.

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