If you’re like half the world’s population, and you’ve been stuck at home, staring at the same walls 24/7 since the pandemic started, then you may have been tempted to upgrade your home at some point. While construction projects usually take some effort and funds to complete, small renovations target specific areas, and can still make your home look better.

According to this A&A contractor Singapore, small construction projects are categorized under A&A works, or Additional and Alteration works, instead of renovations. The stark difference is that A&A works don’t necessarily require permits or documentation from any building authority, as the works are usually minor enough to not affect any other individual or surroundings.

So if you’re in no mood to do some major reconstruction, here are a few home renovation projects filed under A&A that will upgrade your home, and put a little spring in your step:

Garden Zen Pond

Got a knack for fish and aquatics? Why not start off renovations by adding a zen pond to your garden? Imagine watching the blissful ecosystem thriving in the comfort of your own backyard, and meditate along with the sounds of trickling water, the breeze of the great outdoors, and bask in the tranquility of nature.

Not into fish? No worries! You can opt to fill your pond with stones and aquatic plants instead. Just make sure to add in a filtration system to make sure mosquitoes don’t breed in the water. As a bonus feature, your pond may double as a bird bath that attracts colourful birds!

Zen Garden

If water isn’t your speed at all, but you want to make use of the space in your garden, try a zen garden instead. Peacefully move sand around in intricate, flowy designs whenever you feel stressed, and take a breather.

A zen garden is also easier to construct and maintain, and you can opt for a removable version built above ground for easy keeping during the winter months.

Add A Fresh Coat Of Paint

While painting your house doesn’t feel as exciting as the outcome, a fresh coat of paint can often make a huge difference in making the house look new again! Both the house interior and exterior could use a fresh coat of paint, and nowadays there are DIY painting kits available that will make the job easier.

Take some time to plan out your painting schedule, as it is less than likely that you will be able to finish painting your whole house in one day. Section days off based on different areas of your home, and you can opt to use the same colours to refresh the look, or go for completely new designs. Make sure you plan your painting days in the dry season so the paint dries faster, too!

Add A Veranda

This one is difficult to DIY, and for safety reasons, you should be getting a contractor for this. Adding a veranda to your home gives it the flair of dramaticness it needs to look alive. Verandas, when built right, provide you a beautiful space to admire the outdoors, and give you another reason to host a tea party. They also come in a range of materials, you could opt for glass verandas to add to a more modern style, whereas wood or aluminium are also very commonly used for the structure.

Hang Up Display Shelves

You’ve got shelves for your books, you’ve got shelves for your pantry staples, and you’ve got shelves for your clothes. But most of these are hidden away to be used as storage compartments in the privacy of your home.

Add an extra flair to your den or living room with a couple of aesthetically pleasing natural wood shelves whose purpose is to be seen. Place a small, potted plant on it, or put up your decorative memorabilia as these shelves were meant for style over function.

Remodel Your Kitchen

Depending on the scale of your remodelling, you may need a contractor to renovate your kitchen. For small works, however, you can easily swap out kitchen fixtures, like cabinets, tables, countertops, and sinks with upgraded versions or new designs. You can also add new features like a kitchen island or a built-in baking oven. Another good idea would be to install solar energy panels and connect the light bulb to them so you can conserve more energy and reduce your carbon footprint. See more on this here.

Sometimes, remodelling your kitchen can re-energize your love of cooking, and encourage you to keep a healthy lifestyle with the right eating habits.

Redecorate Your Den

The den is the place to relax and entertain guests, so the room must always look its best to impress visitors. However, in the time of the pandemic where people don’t generally go from house to house, redecorating your den is the perfect place to start redesigning your home.

You can avail the services of an interior designer, or find inspiration online to upgrade your den and bring out your personality in the room. You can choose to use some online 3D design apps to visualize how the room would look like as well, or look around Pinterest for inspiration.

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