Small kitchens do not mean that you have to compromise on the lighting aspect. In fact, if you choose wisely, lighting can be your small kitchen’s best friend. From recessed lighting to flush mount LED kitchen lights, you can choose anything your heart desires.

If you look at it from a brighter viewpoint, a small kitchen really is a wonderful project to show off the best of lighting fixtures this century gives you. It is all about the tricks and the style you choose to make your space look like every chef’s delight. What’s even better is that all of the contemporary fixtures allow you to use flush mount LED kitchen lights in them.

Let’s discuss the best fixtures for small kitchens.


If you ask our opinion, we really consider pendants as the most staple ingredient of every small yet modern kitchen. Contemporary and smart, pendants make for a gorgeous hanging above your kitchen counter and kitchen bar stools. Look at any small kitchens across the globe, you will see pendants as the star feature of every modern kitchen, replicated successfully everywhere.

However, a small kitchen means that you cannot feature more than one pendant or two in it. This makes it even more necessary to find just the perfect pendant for your kitchen. Allow your small kitchen’s theme to define your choice.

Many modern contemporary designs these days feature pendants with hanging wires, in black matte finishing. The pendants hang from the ceiling with exposed wires. For an industrial, graceful feel, you may consider this concept for your small kitchen.

Flush Mount Fixtures

A small kitchen may often present height issues in the form of low ceilings. If you struggle with such a problem, you really must consider flush mount fixtures with flush mount LED kitchen light. This is the perfect way to maintain a polished look in your small space without compromising your style.

You can mount these directly to your kitchen ceiling. With these fixtures, you can ensure your kitchen remains visually open while at the same time ensuring a design theme in your small space.

Under Cabinet Lighting

Under cabinet lighting is truly a game changer for your small kitchen, It will not only transform the mood of your little space but also save space big time. As the name implies, you have to install this lighting under the cabinet, which also means you save up a lot of useful counter space. If you use dimmable lights, you will further be able to alter the mood in your kitchen. You can brighten or dim the lights as per your needs and the kitchen will immediately pick up the ambiance.

Close To Ceiling

Flush mount LED kitchen lights have a first cousin, which we refer to as semi-flush mount. These can be a great option for you if you have height available in your kitchen for it. The world of design refers to this particular style as close-to-ceiling, which really means that you install the lights up high.


Yes, you read that right. The right sized chandelier can really uplift the small space of your kitchen. It is quite a challenging category of lighting to incorporate into a kitchen, but if you set your mind to it, the efforts will really be worthwhile in the end. You need to keep a keen eye when you select your fixture. Make sure your choice of fixture scales perfectly to your space, is sleek in style and your placement must be smart. When you do it right, you will love seeing a gorgeous chandelier in your small, lovely kitchen.

Recessed Lighting

Some people consider traditional recessed lighting as outdated. Truthfully, we strongly believe that traditionally recessed lighting still holds the power to add a world of charm to your small kitchen. In fact, any small space can still wonderfully gain from recessed lighting. It adds a smooth profile to your ceiling and beautifully and efficiently lights up every small space. Who can ever find warm brightness in old school?

Polished Cage Lights

These fixtures are pendants in the shape of oversized cages that hang suspended from your ceiling. With a silver polish finishing and a generous stream of light, this is just the illumination and style your small modern kitchen needs for a glamorous appeal.

Pro Tip: Hang these oversized, caged pendants above your kitchen island space and your kitchen will look nothing less than magical.

Dandelion Chandeliers

Ever heard of dandelion chandeliers? If you have, then what are you waiting for? This lighting style is the most ultra-chic to say the least. Give your modern tiny space a playful yet classic look with dandelion chandeliers. We assure you that this lighting style gives a small kitchen a royal appearance.

Sleek Style Fixtures

When short on space, go as sleek as can be. If you ever look at a Lincoln Park like kitchen, you know sleek is the new translation of contemporary. Make materiality the highlight of your small kitchen with sleek steel fixtures. This is such a trendy look that no one will notice the small space of your kitchen, owing to the layers of texture your space will get with these fixtures.

Vintage Brass And Opal Glass

Small space typically begs for a jewel tone. Give it to your small kitchen with gorgeous brass pendants. The lighting markets are ripe with replicas of Bullard’s brass pendants for corbet lighting. Find them for your kitchen and give your kitchen a luxe contrast with some vibrant green hues to complement the style.

Final Thoughts

Every homemaker wishes to illuminate the most important parts of his/her home. This is especially more the case for spaces where you spend the majority of your time in, such as the kitchen for example. Incorporating custom details really go a long way in transforming the feel and look of even the tiniest spaces you own.

The kitchen is where the heart is because it is the place where your cook scrumptious and heartwarming meals for your family, gather for some lovely banter with family and friends in it and spend some cherishing time there. With so much happening in your kitchen and more, make sure you choose the best lighting to make the space as special as can be.

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