Search engine optimization is one of the most important digital marketing practices to drive genuine traffic to your website. As per the recent report, the total traffic coming from social media networks reduced and Google became the major source of referral traffic with 35% of total site visits.

With genuine and effective SEO practices, you can improve your rankings on search engines, and drive more traffic to your website. Any Maryland SEO Company you hire, you need to ensure that they follow authentic and genuine SEO practices to ensure authoritative brand presence and good brand credibility.

However, even experts make some mistakes when it comes to SEO practices. The main reason here is the changing algorithms of all major search engines and the inability to amend changes in the SEO strategies in the context of those algorithm changes.

However, we will discuss some of the SEO mistakes that you can avoid in this post.

1. Unsatisfied Search Intent

Content writers give their blood and flesh to come up with highly innovative, original, readable and engaging content for users. However, the main issue here is targeting. No matter how useful content you have written, but if it is not well-targeted, the people who are looking for your website, won’t find it useful. Keeping in mind your target audience is one thing, but also focuses on search intent equally.

What is the search intent? It is the intent behind the search. Ask a Maryland SEO company you hire to ensure that the website and content satisfy the intent by offering a logical solution.

2. Traditional SEO Techniques

With time, the SEO techniques are changing too and you need to evolve with it. There are many traditional SEO techniques that no longer effective to bring traffic on your website. You need to abandon them too. Also, there are chances that Google will penalize your website if you continue your traditional SEO techniques.

Remember, all major search engines have become smarter than before. Those spammy SEO techniques will take you nowhere and affect your business adversely. Always keep evolving your SEO strategy with modern SEO techniques to rank higher.

3. Not Updating Yourself

In a dynamically changing sphere, you need to keep evolving with time by reading about the latest trends and SEO procedures and processes to implement them in your campaign. If you don’t update yourself, you will surely lose a competitive edge. What if you miss out an important update by Google? Bookmark some SEO websites where new blogs and articles are written by experts and keep reading and keep enhancing your knowledge. Stay updated and stay in business.

4. Ignoring Structural Data And Search Features

When you reach the first page of the search engine, structural data plays an important part in keeping you on the competitive edge over other results. With the structural data, your brand’s result will look bigger and will give you a start ahead. Ask the Maryland SEO Company you have hired to include structural data.

In addition to that, also work on improving the internal search functions of the website to make search easy for the people who visit your website. Searchers must find exactly what they are looking for to earn their confidence and trust.

5. Ignoring Conversion Optimization

Most of the businesses commit this deadly mistake and suffer a huge chunk of business. What they do is they ignore conversion optimization. They put efforts to bring customers to the website, but then don’t work on conversion efforts. From offering case studies, reviews and other motivations to purchase the offering is equally important as bringing them to the website. Not working on conversion optimization will ruin all your efforts and money and you will end up with no conversions at all.

6. Text Is Not The Only Content

Yes, if you believe in such thing, throw it away from your mind. Apart from text, there are other content types that you need to focus on such as videos, infographics, images, podcasts and others. Recently, Google has started to show videos and podcasts on Google’s SERPs and this is the new change that is going to stay here. People love these other types of content apart from text and you need to accept it and amend your content marketing strategy accordingly.


When you hire a Maryland SEO company, ask them to work on the above-mentioned things to get a competitive edge over others. Staying updated with the latest news, updates and trends is the most crucial part to avoid mistakes in your SEO practices.

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