Do you feel disconnected from your inner bookworm? Modern-day responsibilities and hectic workloads often leave us incapable of doing anything other than watching Netflix and relaxing. That’s hardly unusual, especially if you’re constantly drained and exhausted by the end of the day.

This is why curling up with a book doesn’t seem like the best way to recharge and unwind after a tiring workday.

All book lovers know that the struggle lies between shifting one’s mind and picking up a book. However, that’s just a mindset that encourages us to find a recreational activity that doesn’t demand much effort. Once you start flipping the pages and lose yourself in a fascinating tale, the exhaustion will dissipate. But how does one overcome the frustration and reconnect with the love of reading?

While some people struggle to develop the habit of reading, others struggle to reconnect with their traditions. Either way, our tips will help you rekindle your love affair and embrace reading with a fun and engaging twist.

Here, take a look:

1. Keeping A Digital Catalog

Do you remember the reading chart librarians kept to encourage children to read back in school? Did your chest swell up with pride every time the librarian added a star to the column bearing your name? It’s a fond memory for everyone, especially book nerds, because those stars kept us going with the motivation to keep reading books.

Rewards and recognition are amazingly productive in motivating us to achieve our goals. While you can’t ask the community librarian to hand out stars for every book you finish, you can keep a catalog.

You see, a digital catalog will serve as recognition for all the books you have read and need to complete. It will serve as a book tracker to record your progress, keep bookmarks, compile a wish list and applaud your efforts.

Suppose you’re aiming to read at least 100 books this year. You can add the titles of all the books you’ve read, need to read, and buy. A digital book catalog will help you compile a list with titles and create an online library you can access from anywhere.

Your digital catalog will help maintain accountability by reminding you of your goals and celebrating your book nerd ambitions.

2. Read YOUR KIND Of Books

Forcing yourself to read Nietzsche or Aristotle can be discouraging if you don’t enjoy their work. It’s normal for people to browse authors recommended by their professors or mentors. Some people want to sound more intellectual, while others want to ensure they are well-read.

However, if you’re not interested in what you’re reading or don’t understand the language, it denies the purpose of reading.

Instead of discouraging yourself with authors who don’t align with your tastes, focus on reading what you love. If you enjoy historical romance, don’t let anyone talk you out of reading them at work.

Remember, our brain only retains knowledge when we are genuinely engrossed and attentive. Books and authors that overly challenge the brain often discourage us from reading altogether.

3. Join A Book Club

If you’ve seen The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, you’re going to love this idea: join a book club. Hobbies and habits become much more enjoyable when we find a tribe of like-minded people to enjoy them.

A book club can give you the motivation you need to embrace the love of reading or rekindle your romance with fiction.

Book clubs are entertaining, especially if you like to get embroiled in heated discussions over book reviews and plot twists. You will also find yourself more eager to read when discussing the chapters with fellow members.

There’s something so inspiring and enjoyable about discussing your favorite authors over hot cups of coffee and freshly baked cookies.

There’s no book club in your neighborhood? We advise making a club of your own by roping in all your book-loving friends. You can also invite strangers by distributing flyers in the local library and community.

4. Embrace Digital Tools

Many of us struggle to keep up with our reading list because it’s hard to carry around hardcover books. With time, we disconnect entirely from traditional textbooks and enjoy spending time on our smartphones instead. Here’s an easy way to overcome the struggle: go digital with your passion for reading.

You can start using Kindle to download Ebooks and devour them while commuting, having lunch, or wasting time at your desk. You can catch a few chapters instead of playing Township on your smartphone. If you’re tired of reading, you can listen to an audiobook.

Audiobooks allow adults to enjoy their bedtime stories without flicking pages or exposing their eyes to the horrid screen glare.  Reading yourself can prove overwhelming at times, especially after a long, hard day. Kindle and iPad offer plenty of apps and solutions that can make reading more fun and effortless.

5. Challenge Yourself

TikTok and social media are abuzz with all kinds of challenges. Some challenges are downright eccentric, like eating cereal directly out of a person’s mouth. Others are less disgusting and more stimulating, like wearing your shirt while doing a headstand.

We propose a literary challenge: compile a list of 50 or 100 books and challenge yourself to complete them in a chosen time frame.

You can invite your children, partner, family members, and friends to join you on this literary adventure. You can use an app or tool to track your progress and reward yourself with knick-knacks and treat for every book.

It’s a fun way to get back in the reading game without losing interest and yearning for something more exciting.

6. Create A Reading Nook

Ambiance and environment have a powerful impact on our mood, productivity, and motivation levels. The right environment is crucial for book nerds to lose themselves in a good read. Distortions, noise, and discomfort can often kill the mood, forcing you to put down the book and do something else.

We advise dedicating a spot in your home to create an elaborate reading nook. You won’t need much, except a few bookshelves and a comfortable couch or armchair. You can even get some floor cushions or a bean bag to get comfy as you devour your favorite books.

Final Thoughts

Reading tends to become frustrating when one is swamped with deadlines and projects, topped with domestic chores. It may seem less enjoyable and more demanding, especially if you’re reading hardcovers.

Switching to digital tools like ebooks and audio readers can genuinely make a world of difference. It’s also wise to pick authors and books that you genuinely enjoy instead of blindly following author recommendations.

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