Though it’s considered a symbol of happiness to keep and to take care of cats in the home, how you take care is what matters the most. When you have such cute kitty-cats at your home, and a long time has passed by, they naturally get old and inactive. As a result, cats tend to lose their energy and get unfit.

There are many ways to keep your old cats stay active and get their physical and mental fitness on track. Though, you can also consult an experienced veterinarian doctor if you feel any symptoms in your kitty. As the cats get older, it is usually seen that they get slow down and walk a little bit slower and have fun a little less than ever before. One way to ensure that your cat stays active like before is to get her involved in cat exercises to keep her brain and body active and fit.

On the contrary, cat supplies also play an important role in keeping your cat satisfied and happy with what she wants. The way we need food, water, and other essentials to stay active and healthy in our life, in the same way, these cute kitties need food, toys, and healthcare products, too. Whereas, it has now become pretty easy to buy cat supplies at petstock and order anything, including food for cats, toys, collars, cat scratching posts, and various other supplies at an affordable range. Moreover, at pet stock, you will come across a wide variety of premium quality products to keep your old cats fit and active as usual.

Apart from this, we have listed below 5 best ways so that you won’t have to worry about keeping your old kitty active and fit:

1. Don’t Forget To Brush Your Cat Every Day

As cats usually develop hairballs in the digestive tract, combing or brushing your kitty regularly can prevent this problem from happening. Brushing is something that helps cats to a considerable extent by removing their loose hair. So, this can be an excellent way to keep your cats healthy and energetic.

2. Try Treating Their Joints Gently

Gently treating their joints is yet another best way to keep them active all day long. If you realize that your kitty’s joints are even a little bit stiff, you can assist her in reaching her favorite spots using a small footstool or a carpet-covered ramp. If her joints will be working well, then it’s pretty confirmed that she will be just active all day long.

3. Encourage Cat Exercises To Keep Them Fit

To keep your senior cats stay fit and active, you can encourage cat exercises, including climbing and jumping. Since cats have a high and efficient metabolism, they can stay active even when indoors. These exercises can prove to be really helpful to keep them healthy. Apart from this, you can also encourage your cat to have fun on the stairs, or you can install a cat tree. Climbing is also a great way if you think that your kitty is not as strong as she used to be.

You can let your cat initiate climbing either with folded blankets or cushions.

4. Toys Can Change The Game

Keeping toys all around your kitty can change the entire game and make her happy. Since cats love to keep to themselves compared to dogs, giving them plenty of options in various forms of toys can actually be a good strategy to make them more active when they are actually losing their activeness. It doesn’t necessarily require purchasing expensive toys from a pet store, but even your household objects will work like the toys and setting the game for your cute pussycat.

5. Try Creating Comfort

Last but not least, this is also a good way that you should not forget to keep your cat active and healthy. Since your senior cats need more warmth to feel comfortable, make sure that your home environment is easily adjustable. You can add an old sweater or a folded sweatshirt along with soft blankets and flannel sheets to your cat bed so that comfort can be easily offered.

On the whole, you should find ways to make your old cat feel happy, stay fit, healthy, and provide all the comfort that your kitty expects.

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