If you are starting university in the next few months, congratulations! University is an exciting time in your life, where you will learn plenty both inside and outside of the classroom.

However, university life can also be scary. The workload and studying style are completely different from what you were used to in your previous education. Many students fall through the cracks or become overwhelmed. If you are worried about transitioning to university and managing your work-life balance, here are a few tips and resources, including essay writing services, that can help you.

1. Get A Planner & Use It

Many university students think that a planner is uncool, so they don’t use it. However, without a planner, you’ll soon find yourself lost once the semester gets into full swing. Use your planner to record meetings and deadlines so that no assignments catch you by surprise. That way, you can plan your workload and break major assignments into manageable chunks.

2. Try Something New

The transition to university is so overwhelming that many students stick to what is familiar for as long as they can. However, you will not get the full benefits that university has to offer if you just stick to what you already know.

Even if you are going to university with friends from your hometown and are completely certain in your career path, make an effort to branch out. Say hi to the person sitting next to you in class, or try to take a subject you’re unfamiliar with. You’ll remember the new experiences more than the times that you played it safe.

3. Ask Professors For Help

Your professors can seem intimidating after the teachers you were used to in previous schools. They have advanced degrees, know an intimidating amount about their subject, and conduct important research. However, most of your professors are in their field because they love to teach.

If you are struggling in your class or just want to know more about your subject, do not hesitate to reach out to your professors. Many of them are thrilled to have students during office hours and to discuss their academic passions.

4. Become A Joiner

Your first year of university is not the time to play it too cool for school or extracurriculars. The way to make friends and find your place on campus is to join things. Of course, you shouldn’t overwhelm yourself by committing to too many things. However, joining a club, study group, or sports team can help you meet like-minded people and carve out a place of your own on campus.

Try to seek out clubs that share your interests on campus. If you can’t find a club of your own, form one!

5. Make Friends With The Librarians

Besides your professors, many other helpful people on campus can help you learn how to manage your workload. One of the most underutilized resources on many university campuses is librarians. Besides helping you to find books, librarians have a wealth of information at their disposal.

Many offer workshops on time-management skills, citation styles, and research guides. They can also help you familiarize yourself with all the resources at your library’s disposal, including online databases, equipment rental, and more.

6. Hire An Essay Writing Service

There will be points in the semester where, despite your best efforts, your workload gets away from you. You may find yourself with too many assignments due at once or faced with a prompt that you have no idea how to answer. Even when tutoring services and time management cannot help, there are resources at your disposal. You can hire essay writing services.

Professional essay writing services will write an academic quality paper, thoroughly addressing the question prompt that you provide to them, by the deadline. Many of these services have writers who are highly experienced in academic writing, so you know that the end product will be quality work.

Transitioning to university is an exciting and frightening time, but hopefully, these tips make it more manageable. Just remember that you always have resources at your disposal, whether you need to rely on your support network back home, staff at your university, or the professionals.

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