It’s something that is bound to increase the heartbeat when someone decides that it is time to propose to their partner. Many happy times will have been already accrued, with new friends and possible marital relations having been met along the way. Putting together careful planning is likely to have gone into the magical moment.

Those who have thought about it, possibly with sleepless nights, building up to what will be an amazing feeling are likely to have bought an engagement ring to hand over as a token to show their love. But just where do they start with so many different designs available? Maybe they have considered choosing one of the many pear shaped engagement rings when visiting a jeweller of note. Here are a few tips for anyone in such a happy predicament that requires some good advice.

  • It’s good to think tradition and not just follow a trend that might be out of fashion anytime soon. The ring will be worn for decades to come so it should be an item that will be proudly displayed. Think of the personal tastes and style of the future fiancée in question and purchase a ring that will be cherished and adored.
  • The size of the stone set in the ring doesn’t matter. It’s all down to personal taste. While there’s no denying that a large diamond would gather much attention, it might not be what the wearer likes. Teardrop engagement rings, which is another name for pear-shaped is a distinctive style which is the symbol of deep emotions. And there is nothing much more emotional than that magic moment when a partner says “yes”. Maybe the ring will match a charm necklace which embraces the magic of personalised style.
  • Anybody out of their depth and struggling for ideas should speak to the professionals at a trusted jeweller that has vast experience so that they can offer the right advice. Also, friends and relatives of a partner might spill the beans on what they have mentioned that they like. They will also come in useful as they can pass on the size of the ring required having maybe played along to find out the measurement. They might also know if the source of the stone matters, as in recent times some like to choose an environmentally friendly lab grown diamond.
  • Taking friends along to an appointment with a jeweller can also be a huge help to make sure that mistakes aren’t made, or a decision is rashly agreed to. Having a custom-made ring using all the advice and available skills of a craftsman will ensure that it is unique having discussed the setting and which metal the band will be made of. Maybe a proposal can take place overlooking a city with romantic views as the sun goes down.

There are many factors to consider when choosing an engagement ring, but advice from friends, family, and an experienced and highly respected jeweller, will go a long way to helping a decision.

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