The number of cyberattacks on small to medium-sized American businesses is on the rise. These cybercriminals are finding new and interesting ways to commit fraud, theft, data ransom, and phishing attacks daily. This has necessitated the increase in cybersecurity, and there are now certain basics that all businesses must have regardless of their size. This article provides some detail as to the basic minimums that you need to consider and understand to implement a cogent cybersecurity regime.

1. Firewalls

The firewall is a computer safety device that must be implemented or created between the business’s internal computers and the network, internet, or the cloud. It can be at both the software or hardware level and is included to prevent unwanted access to your data from the PC or hardware device and also access to the specific device from other network users. It is one of the first points of security, and an adequate firewall should be set up before any devices access the company network or the business moves into the cloud.

2. Antivirus Software

This is specific software that actively looks for, detects, and removes viruses and other damaging software like trojan worms, adware, and more. This is the overall generic protection that you must have and must include end point protection as well as web security tools. Whichever antivirus your business decides to go with, the most important aspect to keep in mind is that the virus definitions need to be as up-to-date as possible, given the fact that criminals are inventing and disseminating new types of software viruses on a regular basis. It’s a preventive manner to keep up with the vast amount of data flowing in and out of your network and personal devices.

3. Anti-Malware

The anti-malware component of your protection has recently been a specific area of update and improvement. It is similar to antivirus protection in that it actively seeks out malware (any software or applications with malicious intent), quarantines it, and then removes it from the system. Anti-malware is more specific and much more active as it is able to seek and destroy files that have already been opened and are causing issues.

4. Other Essential Security Options & Requirements

There are a number of other means to protect and secure your company data and information in the modern era. One of the main potential weaknesses is the exchange of signed documents or the need to sign and send vast amounts of documents or complete contracts with people out of state or across the country. This will require a secure means of electronically signing and sending documents. There are a number of professional software to help you to do this, and several of the best Docusign alternatives will pleasantly surprise you. The tech-related to e-signatures is fast-moving, and it’s worth having a look at the options out there.

5. In Summary

Setting up a cogent cyber security system and processes for your small to medium-sized business should be one of the priorities you have in place before you start trading. The suggestions and advice provided herein should provide you with the foundational basics to begin to keep your business safe.

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