Adding a CNC router is an important decision in your timber factory and it requires a lot of investment. This is the lifeblood of your factory but there are many losses if it is broken or damaged. So, you have to be aware of its maintenance.

How do you maintain a CNC router in the best way? Proper use and maintenance help reduce failure. The machine will be given 5 maintenance tips to keep good working conditions and stability. These are going to be very helpful for you. Let’s get started.

5 Tips On Taking Care: CNC Wood Router

Maintenance protects anything from spoilage. If you are looking for best CNC router for your woodwork, you can visit Blue Elephant who are the best manufacturers. Daily maintenance is not time-consuming and can reduce costs. The following 5 tips are described in detail:

1. External Environment

The environment around the CNC machine is very important. The temperature of the workshop has to be controlled in hot and cold weather. It cannot be kept in a damp place as it can cause rust on the machine. Electrification can also cause accidents. Electromagnetic or vibrating should be kept away from it. Its screws need to be checked frequently as water can get into it and complicate matters.

2. Keep The CNC Machine Clean

Dust and sand interfere with the functioning of any device. Clean the dust that accumulates or stays on the machine every time you start or end work. Otherwise, they enter the oily place and ruin the smoothness. The machine may be jammed so clean its bearings. Circuit boxes are a very important part. It contains all the electrical components. This can be a short circuit if it is dirty. Also need to clean the tool holder and collect and spindle. These can be cleaned by wiping with a soft cloth.

3. Regular Lubrication

Regular CNC routers need to be lubricated to ensure proper operation and prevent premature wastage. Spindles, lead screws, guide rails, bearings, tool holders, and sliders should be regularly oiled or lubricated. However, there are some rules for giving oil. Such as:

  1. Thoroughly clean the guide rail and lead screw with a cloth. Clean all dust and dirt then apply oil. In this case, you can use antifreeze oil.
  2. Refuelling should be done twice a month as a rule.
  3. Oil should be given to ensure the flexibility of the transmission system.
  4. The transmission system needs to be lubricated every week along the X, Y, Z-axis.

4. Check Your Computer

It is very important to understand the main problem. The CNC router is completely computer-controlled. There are many problems to be faced due to its abnormality. So, it needs to be checked daily. Regularly clean the chassis dust and keep its temperature normal. Regular disk defragmentation is required. And of course, the computer has to be optimized. Viruses and dust are the main enemies of computers. You need to install the best antivirus. Need to check its function regularly.

5. Cooling Water For Spindle Motor

Water is very important for the spindle motor. It stays hot all the time so it needs water to cool. However, it is not right to use dirty and unclean water. It does more harm than good. Pay attention to the water level and make sure that there is no shortage of water in the spindle motor. When the water temperature drops, it can freeze and cause damage. You can use antifreeze to cool it.


Form a team that will maintain CNC all the time. You will take care of it; it will give you long-term service. Its maintenance cost is low and easy. Damage to any part of it can cause you huge losses. Apply the above tips, you will benefit. Proper maintenances are important for machineries. So, everyone should be care about those things.

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