Spain is one of Europe’s top tourism destinations, with its vast array of beaches, cities, and stunning architecture attracting over 83 million visitors on a typical year. Barcelona, Madrid, and Granada are three cities most tourists try not to miss out on when planning their itineraries, but those who are more into nature and off-the-beaten track holiday destinations may have a different plan in mind. If you have had your share of city life and you wish to discover nature-filled places with a hidden charm to discover, read on.

Grazalema In Cádiz

It is amazing to think that just one hour and a half away from the glitzy coastal zone that is Marbella, like Grazalema – a haven of vertiginous mountain ranges and stellar pine trees. Grazalema is an ideal spot for families wishing to rebuild their bond with nature. Visitors can take part in a host of exciting and adventurous outdoor activities – including hiking, mountain climbing, and trekking alongside waterfall-laden tracks. Grazalema also has a quaint central pueblo (village), famed for its gourmet delights such as payoyo cheese (a buttery, flavor-packed cheese made from the milk of Payoya goats and Merina grazalameña sheep) and acorn (made from real acorns).

Cala Salada & Cala Gracioneta In Ibiza

Ibiza is known as a party spot, with celebrities like Leonardo di Caprio, Justin Bieber and Kanye West having been photographed time and time again aboard luxury yachts in the waters surrounding this luxury island. Experienced travel experts advise Ibiza tourists to steer clear of overcrowded beaches in favor of smaller escapes ensconced amidst greenery – and Cala Saladeta (a short drive from Antonio and measuring just 200 metres) is one top choice. The beach’s crystal-clear waters are surrounded by stunning hills covered in rich green pine trees, making it a very Instagrammable spot indeed. A short drive away from Cala Saladeta is Cala Gracioneta – a small seaside restaurant where diners enjoy freshly caught seafood overlooking the sea. If you will be staying long, renting a villa is a good option, since Ibiza has a wide range of luxury and more affordable beachfront homes where you can fall asleep listening to the waves crash onto the shore.

Cazorla In Jaén

Cazorla is the perfect spot for those who enjoy taking long walks lasting hours, with stunning natural features such as waterfalls, rocks, and cliffs reminding one of the majesty of nature with every glance. This town has a long history that dates back six centuries and was officially founded by the Romans. Today, it is homebase for a host of adventure activities that include a visit to the Sierras de Cazorla Natural Park (with stunning rocky features and wooden-planked walks along the riverside), the Borosa River (whose source you can see from up-close), and the Boveda del Rio Cerezuelo (a short walk alongside flowing water – start at a quaint, timeworn church, go through a plaza, discover a lush garden then head for the cave that will take you right back where you started).

Spain is a popular European destination, owing in no small part to the beautiful architecture of cities like Barcelona and Madrid, where many foreigners choose to move to live their dream. If nature is more your scene, however, all regions have places worthy of mention, ranging from serene beaches to vertiginous mountain ranges. Grazalema in Cádiz, Cala Salada and Cala Gracioneta in Ibiza, and Grazalema are just three spots that lovers of outdoor activities shouldn’t miss. From trekking to mountain climbing, gourmet experiences to swimming, there are so many ways to give in to the adventurer inside you.

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