How safe is an electric bike?

This is one of the legitimate concerns of the people who would want to switch or try to ride an e-bike. Though riding an e-bike is really fun, it also has risks since it is much faster than the traditional bike. That is why it calls for a precaution when riding it to ensure safety on the road. 

Here are a few safety tips you should know before riding an electric bike to help you avoid unnecessary harm to yourself and other road users.

Pay Even More Attention To The Traffic

When riding on the road you should always be a defensive driver. Always prepare to take action whether to slow or stop because the other driver doesn’t realize that you are much faster than the traditional bike. 

According to this e-bike site, an e-bike has a 20 mph speed so always make sure that you are on the right side of the road and not against the traffic. Riding an e-bike does not excuse you from going against the traffic rules. 

When you cannot handle heavy traffic, find an alternate route that’s less crowded. This way, you do not need to worry about a lot of things around you that you might lose control of. Always keep a safe distance to avoid hitting other people on the street.

Roads with people and vehicles are intimidating and hard to navigate so always watch out for inattentive drivers especially during weekends and at night. 

Also, make sure that you make eye contact with other drivers when you are in intersections because this is where most bicycle accidents happen when a cyclist wrongfully assumes that the opposite driver sees them on the road. 

Keep a safe distance to avoid hitting other people on the street 

Make Yourself Seen

If you ride your electric bike, you’re likely to be sharing roads with several different types of vehicles, several of which can make it hard to work out cyclists on the road.

So, before heading out for your ride, always consider using blinking head and tail lights, either on your helmet or handlebars, to make you as visible as possible to others on the road. Though some E-bikes have reflectors already installed into them these are not substituted for headlights and tail lights. 

Try also installing some bells to give warning to the pedestrians that you are passing through. Moreover, it is also a great idea to wear neon or luminescent clothing with reflectors when riding an E-bike. By having these things you can be assured that you are visible on the road especially when riding under rain or even during winters. 

Check Your Speed

A survey was conducted in Norway about the accident risk in e-bikes and it showed that e-bike accident victims are more likely to be unfamiliar with their bicycles.

So, make sure to always check your speed especially when you are riding around pedestrians or cars. By keeping it one level lower you will be able to make it stop quickly or slow it down a little. Always start slow and gradually increase your speed once you are now confident in driving it at 30 mph under the right condition.

Brake Early

Always bear in mind that your e-bike can go as fast as 30 mph (depending on the battery and motor power). So, that means you have to slow down ahead of the road signs or stop signs far earlier than the traditional bike. Get to know your electric bike’s brakes and relative power so you can better assess the safest time to apply brakes and to slow down.

Be Careful While Mounting & Dismounting

Electric bikes have an extra 20 pounds heavier than traditional bikes which can make you lose balance or tip over when mounting and dismounting in your E-bike. This is where most injuries happen. So to prevent this, always choose a frame that is simple to get on and off. Try a standard frame that has a sloping tube or a step-through frame so you can mount and dismount easily.


When riding an e-bike, always keep safety in mind. Always check your brakes, gears, speed, and be alert at all times when riding an e-bike. When you follow these safety tips you will definitely enjoy the experience of riding an electric bike.

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