Dealing with missing teeth can be a source of self-consciousness and discomfort. This is where Reset Smile claims to offer an affordable and convenient solution for your problem. This candid review delves into the details of Reset Smile and evaluates whether it truly lives up to its promises.

Reset Smile: What Is It?

As its name implies, Reset Smile is a tooth replacement device that aims to bring back your smile’s confidence. This 3D fabricated device is shipped conveniently to your doorstep, offering a potentially cost-effective alternative to traditional dental procedures. It resembles a removable partial denture and is designed to be flexible, non-invasive, and discreet, allowing you to go about your daily life without feeling self-conscious.

The official website of Reset touts it as a dentist-prescribed at-home solution that can enhance your smile and improve your chewing capabilities. The idea is to provide users with the ability to confidently smile and enjoy their meals without resorting to metal dentures or undergoing dental implant surgery.

Safety Concerns & Reviews

However, it’s crucial to approach the claims made on the official website with some skepticism. While the website features positive reviews, some of them appear too good to be true. In fact, a closer examination reveals a recurring theme – the absence of substantial information regarding the device’s effectiveness. The reviews often mention a single customer service representative, Jason, who seems adept at persuading customers to make a purchase.

A notable review on TrustPilot presents a different perspective. The customer describes a situation where the product did not meet their expectations, leading to disappointment. The customer’s attempt to seek a refund for an unused kit turned into an ordeal of unanswered emails and frustration. This experience sheds light on potential issues with Reset Smile’s customer service and raises concerns about the company’s credibility.

The Upsides & Downsides

Reset Smile does offer some positive aspects worth considering. It provides a temporary solution to missing teeth, allowing users to regain their confidence while exploring more permanent options. The absence of adhesives and metal in the device might also be seen as a step towards reducing potential risks of metal toxicity and inflammation.

On the flip side, users need to be aware of potential downsides. The device might cause discomfort for some individuals, which could affect its overall usability and user experience. Perhaps the most concerning aspect is that ResetSmile lacks approval from orthodontists and dentists. This raises serious doubts about its safety and effectiveness, as professional endorsements are crucial when evaluating dental products.

The Verdict On Reset Smile

In conclusion, Reset Smile presents itself as a solution to dental deformities through its custom 3D fabricated tooth replacement device. However, the absence of professional endorsements and the mixed nature of reviews underscore the importance of proceeding with caution. The positive reviews on the website might be too good to be true, and the negative experience shared on Trustpilot hints at potential pitfalls.

Before making a decision, it’s highly advisable to consult with dental professionals who can offer personalized guidance tailored to your unique needs. Your dental health and well-being deserve reliable and safe solutions, and it’s crucial to ensure that any product you choose has been thoroughly vetted by experts in the field.


Q1: Is Reset Smile a permanent solution for missing teeth?

A: No, Reset Smile provides a temporary tooth replacement solution.

Q2: Does it contain any metal or adhesives?

A: No, Reset Smile is designed to be metal-free and adhesive-free.

Q3: Are there any potential side effects or discomfort associated with using Reset Smile?

A: Some users have expressed going through discomfort while using the device.

Q4: Is Reset Smile endorsed by orthodontists or dentists?

A: No, it does not have endorsements from orthodontists or dentists, which raises concerns regarding its efficacy and safety.

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