The journey to become a real estate agent is easy when you have the right information. Now that you are reading this article, you are lucky. It will let you know the requirements for a Washington real estate license course.

Before taking the course, it is good to be ready to avoid wasting time or getting disappointed if your application does not go through. Take time to read this article to the end to help you when applying for a real estate course in Washington state.

Be Eligible To Apply For A Real Estate License

The main purpose of taking a real estate course in Washington is to meet the pre-licensing requirements. Therefore, you must check if you meet all other requirements before taking the course. It would not make sense to take a Washington real estate course when you do not qualify for the licensing application.

Some important qualifications include being a US citizen or resident and being 18 years old or above. You also need to have a clean record with law enforcement. Lastly, you need finances for the whole process.

An Accredited Course Provider For Your Washington Real Estate License Course

Another requirement for a Washington real estate license course is an accredited course provider. Although you can attend accredited schools in Washington in person, it is now easier to learn online.

There are many reputable and accredited real estate schools in Washington such as RealEstateU. You can check them to see the packages they offer and their prices before deciding on which one to take. Take note of the different packages offered by each platform because some have extra resources that might help you succeed in your Washington real estate license course.

Finances To Pay For The Washington Real Estate License Course

Taking a Washington real estate license course requires finances. Whether it is a physical or online school, you will need to pay a fee. Since this is a short course, you will have to make a one-time payment. Check the average cost and prepare the finances.

For applicants on a tight budget, consider taking the basic 90-hour course without any other resources, which will be cheaper. Additionally, plan for the state exam fee as well as the licensing application fee.

Time To Study

You definitely need time to complete the 90-hour course. This is an in-depth course that necessitates a lot of planning, especially if you need to qualify for the licensing within the shortest time possible.

Most real estate courses in Washington are flexible and allow you to study at your pace. You can access the recorded lectures and notes at any time. You also need time to attempt the quizzes and discuss hard concepts with your teachers or tutors where possible.

Be Ready To Take The Real Estate Exam

After completing your real estate classes in Washington state, you should book the real estate exam, which is based on the course concepts you just learned. Some online course providers usually offer other resources that can help you prepare for this exam. If your finances allow, it is good to take advantage of such resources.


As mentioned, it is easy to enroll in and complete the Washington real estate license course when you have the right information. We’ve just shared insights on the requirements for the course. With this information, you can now enroll for the course.

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