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Buying & Selling Coins, How To Choose A Platform

A quarter of the total market volume of transactions related to the digital currency RVN occurs on the Binance crypto exchange. Major trading pairs: RVN / BTC, RVN / USDT. The Binance platform supports the exchange of Ravencoin cryptocurrency for US dollars.

On the Paribu exchange, crow coins can be bought or sold for Turkish lira, and on Probit for South Korean won. The largest selection of trading pairs is provided by Dove Wallet, a centralized service for storing and exchanging cryptocurrencies.

When choosing a site, be guided by three criteria:

  • The daily turnover of the coin you need;
  • Service reliability;
  • Exchange rate.

Let’s say you want to buy or sell RVN for Bitcoin, then any exchange will work for you, but on Binance, the transaction will be completed faster. And if you need the Ripple (XPR) cryptocurrency, then there is only a direct exchange on Bitrue.

However, on the same Binance, you can make a double deal RVN / BTC, BTC / XPR, if you do not lose anything on this exchange with a more profitable rate and save time. Some trading platforms only work with verified clients.

Advantages & Disadvantages

The Ravencoin payment network is decentralized and inaccessible for industrial mining, this is its main advantage. But mining on the KawPow algorithm is a resource-intensive process. The equipment heats up, the hash rate jumps, if the setting is incorrect, the miner constantly crashes.

Description Of The Main Features Of Ravencoin

Ravencoin is based on UTXO technology pioneered in the ecosystem of the digital coin patriarch. The blockchain of the RVN project cryptocurrency works on the Proof-of-Work consensus algorithm. Throughout the history of the project, its developers have changed the production protocol twice. The first fork was in 2019, when RVN switched from X16 to X16Rv2, and the second in the spring of next year. After him, Ravencoin began to work on the KawPow algorithm, which is a specially modified “asic-resistant” ProgPow algorithm for the crow’s coin.

At one time, it was developed for the Ethereum blockchain, but then Vitalik Buterin’s team decided not to change horses on the ferry, and go from Dagger Hashimoto directly to PoS mining. On the basis of ProgPow, blockchain engineers launched several peer-to-peer networks, after a slight modification, it was also applied to Ravencoin.

Key features of KawPow:

  1. Optimized for 32-bit platforms, which is quite acceptable for GPU architecture.
  2. Increasing the mix state, that is, expanding the maximum amount of processor registers that store intermediate values. ASICs, with all their many advantages, are inferior to gpu devices in terms of the number of registers. To compensate for this disadvantage, they use RAM to process data. This slows down the process and negates any potential benefits.
  3. The principle of a random sequence is integrated into the main cycle of cryptographic computations, which makes it impossible to create a mining machine with a fixed pipeline, which would speed up work or reduce power consumption.
  4. The ability to quickly handle small cache sizes and support for random addresses. Cached reading forces you to adhere to the rules of the memory hierarchy, which limits the efficiency of ASIK miners.


Ravencoin brought a new and very promising technology to the crypto industry, and developers are gradually expanding the functionality of the platform. Ravencoin price prediction is 0,14$ by the end of the year. The coin successfully develops the market with the full support of one of the leading crypto-exchanges Binance.

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