Trade fairs are excellent opportunities to network and promote your business, but you are also put right next to your competitors. Although these fairs are a way of celebrating what your industry has to offer and provide the opportunity to make new connections and business deals, you still want to stand out from the crowd and be the company everyone remembers once they have all gone home. To make your business stand out at the next trade fair you attend, consider the following suggestions.

Get Quality Signs

The first thing you need to make sure to do is signpost your stall, so everyone knows who you are. You can get PVC banners made by professional printers with your company name, logo, and tagline, as well as posters that promote your products or services. PVC material is perfect for banners, as it is durable and has a fantastic finish, so ask the printing company you’re working with if they can do this for you. You can also reuse these banners at other fairs and events to advertise your company.

Offer Visitors Refreshments & Goodie Bags

If you want people to remember your company after the event, you need to offer something a bit more than just promotional posters and sales pitches. Offer your stalls visitors refreshments, whether that’s soft drinks, a glass of sparkling wine, or some appetizer-style snacks. You could even go one step further and have goodie bags that people can take away with them that contain some free samples of your products and reading material so they can learn more about your company.

Stylish Displays

It’s very easy for stalls to look dull at these kinds of events, and you don’t want to be one of them. As well as quality signs indicating your business, you should also think about how to create a stylish display for your products as well. You might only have a small area to work with but utilize it to make sure your stall stands out. Make sure your products are well-lit and are located towards the front of your stall. You should also look at other decorative items you can use that reflect your brand. For example, if you’re a company the specializes in artisanal teas or coffee, some vintage tea/coffee cups and pots would work.

Comfortable Seating

Another way you can make your stall more inviting is by making sure there is comfortable seating for people who might want to sit and discuss your business with you. Again, how much space you have in your stall will determine whether you can have couches or big tables, but adding a few cushions on chairs will still be more comfortable.

Hand Out Flyers

Your stall might have excellent signs positioned around it, but if you want to attract even more people to it, you can also send out one or two people to hand out flyers that indicate where your stall is positioned in the fair. These flyers should also include information about your business and products so whoever takes one can see what your company is all about.

Make sure you’re business is the one people remember after the fair trade ends by using these tips to make your stall stand out.

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