Singapore is known for being a key business player because of its technological advancements and political and economic stability. It is continuously dubbed as a global business hub not only in Asia but all over the world, with several multinational companies choosing to set up headquarters in the country. As one of the ambitious countries in its continent, Singapore is undoubtedly one of the best places to do business.

Whether you are new or experienced in the business world, you need to work towards building an effective marketing strategy to communicate your brand to potential consumers. With the technological era taking over today, more and more attention is being placed on digital marketing. As marketing methods continue to innovate, some think that email has long been dead.

In reality, email marketing is still relevant and has more benefits to your business than what you may think. Consumers still prefer email today because it is convenient, and the messages they receive are those that they allowed on their accord. Thus, with the help of an email marketing agency in Singapore, you can effectively craft your strategy to reach the right audience and deliver your message.

Direct Reach

One of the biggest perks of email marketing is that you can directly reach your target audience. The people that you send newsletters or emails to are those that subscribed to see your content, which means they are likely interested in what your business has to offer. This advantage can significantly improve your conversion rate since there is a much higher chance that your respondents will convert to customers.

As a result, email marketing is usually more effective in terms of customer acquisition compared to other forms of marketing.

Another nifty advantage of email marketing is that you can reach a vast number of mobile consumers since emails are now easily accessible through mobile phones. About 3 in 5 users check their email through their phones, and mobile emails can account for up to 77% of email opens, which shows the massive potential that you can achieve.

Larger Promotional Space

Other digital platforms like social media are also popular forms of promotion, but most of the time, it can be challenging squeezing in all the necessary information in a small space. With email marketing, you have much more liberty in adding content since you are working with a larger space.

You can work with an email marketing agency in Singapore to make a design that suits your brand image and work on delivering quality content to your users, so they always feel excited to read your newsletters.

Instant Announcements

Customers like hearing about exclusive offers, flash deals, or new product announcements quickly, so using email marketing helps you send the word instantly. You can easily begin an email campaign and blast the notification to all your subscribers so your customers, in turn, can quickly know about them and possibly make a purchase.


Perhaps the biggest reason why email marketing is highly recommended for small businesses is that it is more cost-effective compared to other promotional platforms. With email marketing, you can send a message to a vast number of users at a minimal cost, which is much cheaper than other customer acquisition techniques like TV advertisements.

At the same time, you can gradually lower your expenses as you gain more responsive customers and grow your email list.

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