If you are nearing the end of 4 long decades of hard work and you are planning to spend your golden years in a luxury pool villa in Pattaya, this article was written with you in mind. It might seem like an uphill struggle to sort out your affairs at home and arrange a new life in a far-away land, but it will be worth it when you collect the keys of your dream home in the sun.

Real Estate Ownership

While a foreigner is permitted to own a condo unit, they cannot own land in Thailand; this law was enacted in the 1920s as a way to prevent the Japanese from buying up Bangkok and the good news is, there are ways around this. You can set up a limited company and that entity owns the property, with you as a major shareholder. To find the perfect house for sale in Pattaya Thailand, search online for a leading real estate agent that is based in Chonburi Province.


Like most countries, you need to apply for a visa to stay in Thailand and we recommend applying for a Non-Immigrant Visa based on retirement. Open a bank account with one of the major Thai banks and deposit 800,000 Thai baht at least 3 months before applying for the visa. Either that or show evidence of a monthly income of at least 65,000 baht. Once you have a retirement visa, it can be renewed annually without leaving the country. Click here for the top 4 UK tourist destinations in 2023.

90-Day Registration

According to Thai immigration laws, every foreigner staying over 90 days in the Kingdom must register their address at their local immigration office. This is free and you have 7 days grace; the first one must be done in person, then you can register online every 90 days. This is not to be confused with your visa, they are completely separate. Never let your visa expire, as this can lead to jail and deportation. Most retirees use a visa agency, which is far better than waiting around for hours at a local immigration office.

Immerse Yourself In Thai Culture

If you have holidayed in Thailand many times, you will already be familiar with Thai ways and it is a mistake to start comparing things to your home country, wondering why they do things the way they do. This is a unique nation that was never colonised by European powers, which means their culture is undiluted and exclusive to Siam.

Learn To Speak Thai

While many Thais speak English in Pattaya, many do not and if you really want to get to know Thais, you need to learn their language. There are language schools and online classes, while you can practice whenever you go to the market, the vendors are very friendly and happy to converse with foreigners. It can be a tough language for English-speaking people to pick up; Thai is a tonal language, which can be confusing; some people liken speaking Thai to singing, as there are 5 main tones used.

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