If your vacation plans to take you to Telluride, Colorado, you can expect an enjoyable stay filled with entertainment, outdoor activities, amazing dining, shopping, and many other ways to pamper yourself. But, you can make your vacations more exciting by making time for a day trip to Ouray!

Just like Telluride, Ouray is a charming little town where adventure abounds! Nestled in a valley that sits at 8,000 feet, and surrounded by 13,000-foot snow-covered mountain peaks on three sides, it is a perfect must-go destination for a day trip. Just getting here is like a thrill-thanks to Mother Nature!

Off-road driving, rappelling down waterfalls, exceptional dining, and fun events hosted all year-round are just a few of the many enthralling pursuits you would love to experience again and again. What other surprises do this tiny ‘Switzerland of America’ hold for you? Read on to know!

It Is A Paradise For Off-Road Enthusiasts

Do your heart skips a beat at the mere thought of off-road adventures? Well, Ouray is the place for you! With hundreds of roads to explore the terrain, you can have a lot of fun there. There is an abundance of routes ranging from easy enough for beginners to the difficult ones for those looking for challenges. Traveling among the giant mountain passes and the rugged roads, the incredibly scenery will leave you awestruck. In a nutshell, you’ll cherish this off-road experience for a lifetime!

Soak In The Hot Water Springs 

Ouray is famous all over the world for sulfur-free hot water springs, some of which are available for the visitors. Enjoy a dip in these springs after a daylong adventure in the snow; it’s a great way to relax and unwind. There are several good hotels in Ouray that offer their guests with breathtaking views of the mountains surrounding the town. As hundreds of visitors flock to Ouray to explore its beauty, it’s wise to book your stay in advance at the best Ouray CO hotel. You can walk throughout the town, shops, hot springs, and rest at the comfy rooms after a day full of adventures.

Get Ready For A Scenic Drive On The San Juan Skyway

You are sure to love this drive! If you choose to travel and explore the complete 236-miles loop, the route will take you to the number of mountains. Besides, you’ll pass through the alpine forests, historic mining towns, and large cattle ranges. Spring, summer, and fall are the best seasons to enjoy this scenic beauty.

Have Some Water Fun In The Sun

If you visit Ouray in the warm months, you’ll be drawn to the water activities naturally. Tubing is one of the most popular fun activities in the town. Tube rentals are available for the visitors on the Uncompahgre River in the summer months. Stand-up paddle-boarding, swimming, fishing, whitewater rafting, etc. are some other favorite pastimes in the area.

Enjoy An Epic Day Of Climbing At Ouray Ice Park

The enthusiastic rock climbers who have been waiting to enjoy their sport don’t have to wait longer. You can learn ice climbing at this ice peak. With over 200 climbing experiences ranging from easy to challenging, you can enjoy straight ice climbs, as well as mixed climbs on ice and rock. Climbing lessons and clinics are also available there.

Ouray brings you plenty of things to do in Colorado. Venture out a day or two and a bike ride over the mountain passes of Ouray. Enjoy water fun activities, arts and crafts, or see livestock during the events.

When planning an active travel, you should also make sure you have all the right gear and gadgets. Our friends at globosurfer.com will help you find whatever you need to make your next adventure unforgettable.

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