Your bathroom is one of your home’s most used rooms, making it a prime spot for clutter to pile up. But it’s not impossible to keep a tidy and organized bathroom! From trays and caddies to DIY storage hacks for the shower, here are some creative ways to organize your bathroom like a pro.

Keep It Clean

A little maintenance goes a long way when it comes to bathroom organization. Please return items to their proper places when you’re finished using them, and don’t let clutter build up on your counters or cabinets. You can avoid a massive cleaning project by keeping things neat regularly. Professional home organizers also recommend avoiding leaving too many products on your bathroom counters. If you constantly run out of your favorite body wash or toothpaste, consider putting back-ups in a labeled storage bin underneath your sink or in the linen closet. If you have a lot of toiletries to store, organize them with light wood bathroom cabinets that keep everything separate yet easy to access. Add a magnetic knife strip to your drawers to hold small tools like shears and tweezers. Also, remember to utilize your cabinet space by storing items like hair styling tools in a designated hot-tool organizer.

Use Trays & Baskets

Small containers like trays and apothecary jars can be a great way to store items that don’t fit easily into drawers or cabinets, such as hair products. Grouping these items in a single container also makes it easier to find what you need when getting ready. Another trick is to hang a shelf next to your shower for towels and other accessories. It will allow you to keep them within reach without weighing down your bathroom. Closet space is often overlooked when it comes to organizing, but this area can be just as clutter-prone as any other part of your bathroom. A freestanding shelving unit can add a built-in look and has open cubbies that are right-sized for rolled towels, bath products, cotton balls, and Q-tips. Use baskets on these shelves to keep items contained and to add visual appeal. You can even hang a shelf inside a cabinet door to store towels, toilet paper rolls, and cleaning supplies.

Keep It Vertical

Many bathrooms have little floor or counter space, so maximizing vertical storage is necessary. Install a wall-mounted shelving unit that can hold towels and toiletries, freeing up valuable space below them. Or hang a simple door rack with cubbies to store swabs, cotton balls, and other small items. To help prevent products from going bad before you can use them, categorize items, and keep them in labeled storage containers. It will ensure you always have what you need at your fingertips while eliminating clutter on bathroom shelves and cabinets. Add glass jars to your space for a more decorative way to keep bathroom essentials organized. It will allow you to see what’s inside, making grabbing your favorite lotion or hair tie easier. Or, use flat-backed self-adhesive organizers to turn a medicine cabinet into an easy-to-access storage system. Stick one on the back of the cabinet door to hold bobby pins, eyelash curlers, and other small accessories.

Keep It Simple

When it comes to bathroom organization, less is usually more. Too much clutter makes a space chaotic, so store only a few items in your bathroom. Instead, focus on storing things like toiletries and linens in organized ways to keep your space looking polished. If your bathroom is small or lacks counter space, maximize vertical storage using a hanging shelf to store everyday products, such as cotton swabs and makeup removers, creating a backstock storage area to hold extra items, such as toothbrushes and toothpaste. It will prevent you from running out of an item and having to go out in search of it when you need it. Another great tip is to use labeled containers or apothecary jars for storing bathroom supplies and organizing items on open shelving in your bathroom. It keeps everything looking streamlined and puts a decorative spin on your organization’s strategy.

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