Small businesses often run on many misconceptions detrimental to their growth and success. As a small business owner, you might operate on a tight budget, but that doesn’t mean you cannot afford essential business demands such as employee training. With the help of an effective LMS, even a small business can train its staff and help them achieve their goals.

A learning management system such as Trainual provides a gateway to virtual learning and training. It helps your workforce prepare for future challenges and roadblocks by delivering consistent, streamlined, and flexible employee training. But it’s expensive and not for small businesses, right? Not anymore.

Let’s bust 3 common LMS myths that stop you from making this essential and meaningful investment.

Myth 1: LMSs Are Only For Large-Scale Companies

If you think investing in an LMS is a waste of money for small-scale businesses, think again. You can have as many or as few courses as your company demands and train your workforce for the same. With an effective learning management system, you can upload relevant training material for your employees, add videos for clarity, and make the entire course engaging for your employees. This will improve their skills and make them better at what they do.

Myth 2: We Lack The Needed Technological Expertise

 One of the biggest myths surrounding LMS is that they are complicated platforms and require advanced technological know-how to run them efficiently. But this isn’t the case in reality. Learning to operate an LMS is as easy as setting the alarm in your phone.

Just prepare relevant training material, upload that content on the system, and enroll students.

Myth 3: LMS Is Very Expensive

Yes, small businesses operate on a tight budget, but that doesn’t mean you cannot afford LMS for your business. You would be delighted to know that most learning management platforms are free, and even if you grow and add more features, they remain budget-friendly and cost-effective. Pick the right one and train your teams without burning a hole in your pocket.

3 Reasons Why An LMS Is Crucial For A Small-Scale Organization

LMS is an indispensable tool and your most significant ally; it can help you in multiple ways and is too good for training your workforce. Let’s see why LMS is crucial even for small-scale businesses:

Reduces Your Training Cost Significantly

If you are looking for effective ways to cut down on employee training costs, then switching to LMS is the best option. LMS allows you to cut down on instructor fees, traveling, and accommodation costs and even helps in saving a lot of precious time.

Furthermore, when a new employee joins, you must arrange training and onboarding again to get them accustomed to policies, rules, and regulations.

With an effective LMS, you just have to create an engaging and relevant training course once, which you can re-use as and when required. Also, if you wish to update or add some content to the existing course, you can do that as well very easily.

Helps In Creating Relevant Training Course Material

Training the workforce of small businesses can be challenging. As you already run on a strict budget and do not have the funds to hire a professional for course creation, it becomes difficult for you to provide engaging and relevant course material to your employees.

With the help of an effective LMS, you can choose relevant courses from their free library and help your employees hone their skills and expand their knowledge. You can also add YouTube videos and audio files to make the content more engaging and relevant for your workforce.

Enhances Employee Performance

Incorporating the best LMS for your small-scale business gives you the flexibility of providing effective training modules to your workforce. They can sharpen their skills with excellent and relevant content and improve their working abilities with the help of practical learning methods such as social learning and gamification.

With the help of mobile-friendly LMS, your staff can access training material from their phones. This allows them to consume the content as and when required, even on the go.


A learning management system is a boon for small businesses. If unsure, you can start with their free versions and expand as and when required. You can also go for a basic and cost-effective plan that would cater to your needs and won’t hamper your budget.

Switch to an LMS for your training needs today and start reaping the benefits immediately!

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