Arkansas is one of the states with a favorably long list of medical conditions that qualify for medical marijuana. If you happen to qualify, you’ll need a medical marijuana card to access cannabis products from certified dispensaries across the state.

The first step in this approval process is probably the most challenging for a lot of people. You’ll need to submit a written certification from a state-licensed physician.

That wouldn’t be an issue if any physician could do it. But there are requirements that a medical doctor must meet to be eligible to offer certification for the marijuana program.

These physician requirements are a Doctor of Medicine or Osteopathy license, a DEA-issued controlled substances license, and a good reputation with patients.

Such terms can make finding the right doctor challenging for many, which is why we’ve compiled a few tips to aid in your search.

1. Ask People You Know

Your immediate circle is a great place to start when looking for a marijuana physician.

Ask friends and family if they have anyone in mind. But don’t stop there. The neighbor across the street or coworker you don’t know much about may be a patient regularly buying their weed from a dispensary.

The people you ask may not know a marijuana doctor near you, but they may know someone who does because they already have medical marijuana cards cards. When you ask enough people, you’ll find someone who will give you directions.

2. Try Support Groups

Are you aware of any support groups in your area where members are likely to use medical marijuana?

Support groups like those for mental health, cancer, and lifelong conditions are good places to find patients registered to use medical marijuana.

If you know where any of these groups hold their meetings, visit the location, wait for the sessions to end and ask around. The chances are you’ll find someone with the info you need.

3. Make Phone Calls

Phone calls are just as good a place to start as any.

Create a list of potential doctors, whether they have a private practice or not. Look for their contacts and reach out. If it’s a practice, call the reception. Otherwise, call the doctor’s business number and make inquiries.

You can also reach out through their professional email. If the doctor cannot certify you for the medical marijuana program, they will likely give you helpful directions.

You can also contact doctors and facilities on social media if they have social media handles. That usually has a faster response time than an email.

4. Go Online

The web is probably the easiest route to take, considering most serious businesses have an online presence and market themselves.

Some doctors, especially those with private practices, have websites and tend to advertise their services. If one is offering marijuana certification, they may say so on their website.

In fact, a simple search on Google like “Medical marijuana doctor Arkansas” should present you with several facilities that offer these services.

There are also sites that act like databases refining your search with specific filters like the city of residence.

5. Ask Your Primary Care Doctor

You can use your primary care doctor to locate a marijuana doctor.

Keep in mind that physicians are more knowledgeable of the happenings within their networks. You probably begin with your family doctor if you want to be referred to a specialist.

It shouldn’t be any different when looking for a doctor eligible to certify you for medical marijuana use. Most likely, your primary care doctor knows a doctor in their network who can help.

6. Try Message Boards

Message boards can make it really easy to find a marijuana physician, as there are many that are specifically reserved for cannabis discussions. These offer the best shot at finding a doctor in minutes, especially if they are local forums.

You probably already have a social media platform you frequent. Look for and join marijuana-specific pages and ask other users in Arkansas for referrals if they already have medical marijuana cards.

Final Thoughts

There’s a global need for the benefits of medicinal marijuana. While the state of Arkansas prohibits recreational usage, it has paved the way for qualifying patients to get the help they need through the state’s medical marijuana program.

However, many residents still struggle with the process of getting registered. This post assists you with the first and most important step.

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