Doing a moving cleaning requires knowledge of what needs to be done and includes many working hours. Performing a moving cleaning usually does not cost as much as you think. Check prices with some cleaning companies and take advantage of your deduction.

You should start the move cleaning a couple of days before the move if you intend to carry it out yourself. Standing the day before increases the risk that the cleaning will be bad and that it will be stressful. This whole process will go smoothly if you read our guide on how to succeed with moving cleaning. We go through smart tips that make it all easier.

You Have To Do A Moving Cleaning

In most cases, this must be done according to the agreements you sign, regardless of whether it concerns a villa, a condominium or a tenancy.

However, you can try to negotiate off this part. You can offer a faster move-in or price reduction to avoid cleaning. However, it is just as easy to hire good professional house cleaners and it will usually be cheaper for you than to mess with the contract.

If you are moving away from a tenancy, there are rarely any opportunities to get away with moving cleaning.

What Happens If You Do Not Do The Moving Cleaning Properly

You usually enter into an agreement where moving cleaning is to be performed. It is common for those who take over the new home after you not to be satisfied with the end result. Most often it is due to carelessness and poor planning. Cleaning should be done 2-5 days before the keys to the home are handed over. This is because the cleaning companies usually have a 10-day guarantee on the cleaning.

As a buyer of a home, it is important to do the right thing if you come to a home that is carelessly cleaned. You should not complete a cleaning yourself and then demand compensation for this. The evidence is then cleared away and the buyer can then often forget his compensation.

The buyer should first contact the seller and point out the cleaning. The seller then has the right to fix the cleaning within a reasonable time. One should therefore try to solve the problem already here in a simple way. In the worst case, the buyer must hire a cleaning company for the final cleaning if the seller refuses to fix this.

The buyer may then demand compensation from the seller for incomplete moving cleaning.

If it is a tenancy, you as a newcomer must contact the landlord directly and complain about the moving cleaning. Take pictures with a camera and email the landlord.

A main rule when you choose to clean the home yourself and not hire a cleaning company is:
Clean the home as well as you yourself would have demanded if it was you who would move in.

Guide For Moving Cleaning


This part of the moving cleaning is very time consuming and therefore good to start with.

There is a lot of lime in a bathroom. A lot of work is often required with plastering of joints, tiles and tiles. A tip is to buy good brushes and detergents that are descaling. Some important parts to keep in mind in the bathroom are:

Sink – Clean on, under and above. Disassemble the water trap that is attached to the drain pipes and clean this. This is an important part to do to avoid blockages in the drain. Clean mirrors and glass doors for showers. Use window cleaner and scraper for best results. Bathroom cabinets must be emptied and washed clean inside. Also check that any lights are not broken.

Baths and showers often require a lot of cleaning. Be sure to lift off any sides of the tub and clean underneath. Also make sure to clean the sides and do not forget the floor drain. The floor drain is a classic part that many people forget to clean. The toilet must be thoroughly cleaned around and inside. Also disassemble the toilet seat and clean.


A room that needs to be cleaned from floor to ceiling in view of all the food that often gets stuck on walls, cabinets and ceilings in the kitchen. Always clean from the top down in a kitchen. You get a lot of dust and dirt from the cabinets. Empty and vacuum clean in the cabinets. Then wash clean on top, inside and outside. Spray oven cleaning in both microwave and oven and associated grilles and plates. Here you can wait for about 12 hours for the product to work. There are also ovens that have cleaning programs. Also pull out the oven and clean behind. Fridge and freezer must be defrosted and cleaned. Here you can count on about 1-2 hours of work if you have a dirty fridge and freezer. Also pull out the fridge and clean behind. Kitchen fan and its filters must be cleaned. A tip is to put the greasy filters in hot water together with detergent for a couple of hours. You should also clean any valves for the fan and its pipes. Remove plinths and vacuum cleaner and wash the floor under the kitchen.

Bedroom & Living Room

Here we come to the general things that need to be cleaned and tidied in every room. All windows must be plastered both inside, outside and inside. Window sills should be wiped off and elements should be cleaned all around. Fold down any curtains and blinds and wash them. All painted surfaces must be wiped. This applies to ceilings as well as walls. Vacuum and wash carpentry and moldings. Always finish your cleaning with the floors. Nails and old hooks for paintings should also be removed from walls. Curtain rods can remain if you have agreed this with the buyer. These are usually appreciated that they remain.


Washing machine must be cleaned of old detergent residues and lint. Pull the machine forward and clean behind. There is often a lot of lint and dust behind the washing machine.

Drying cabinets must be cleaned inside and behind. Any floor drains and valves must also be cleaned in the laundry room. Otherwise, this room must be cleaned in the same way as other rooms.

Balcony, Plot & Garden

On balconies and terraces, any awnings must be rolled out and cleaned. On balconies in an apartment, a certain amount of dust may be acceptable as this is outdoors. But it should still be clean and tidy. The limit here is not easy to set. But it is rare for someone to get complaints on the balcony.

The garden should be cleared of things that do not belong there. Old construction waste and other scrap must be disposed of. There are no direct rules on how a proper cleaning should be performed. But cut grass and shrubs and let it look neat. Sweep passages and remove old branches and twigs. Everything does not have to be perfect, but there must be some order in the garden before you hand it over.


Do you have other rooms or spaces to clean? Then the above rules apply like the other rooms. In principle, every detail must be cleaned in order for a removal cleaning to be counted as correctly performed. You can otherwise test house cleaner lafayette IN and compare quotes from cleaning companies in your area if you feel that the moving cleaning becomes too difficult.

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