Every anniversary is an important milestone for any relationship and each year deserves to be celebrated in its own special way. Whether it’s your first anniversary or your twentieth, there are plenty of romantic gifts that will be sure to please any type of partner. From going on a thrilling new adventure to completing an arts and crafts project together, here are some of the best anniversary gift ideas:

1. A Book Of Love

A popular choice for many, a book of love can consist of many different things for many different couples, making this anniversary gift an optimal choice. For instance, your book of love can include photos of you and your partner’s travels, items of fun memories like concert or movie tickets or pages filled with reasons you love them. The options are endless, and the book will be entertaining to flip through in later years.

2. Custom Printed Cookies

Food is always a go-to choice, as everyone eats! Instead of the regular anniversary cake many other couples settle for, try out purchasing custom printed cookies. The most popular type of cookies includes shortbread cookies, where you can print sweet messages of “Happy Anniversary” or “I Love You.” If you or your partner are not a fan of shortbread, try out many other delicious flavors, like sugar cookies or chocolate chips.

3. Map Of The World

For the travel bug couples, you can’t go wrong with a map of the world. Not only are world maps an inspiring reminder of the possibilities of the world, they can act as a romantic reminder of one’s love. You can add an anniversary flair by putting up thumbtacks of where you and your partner have traveled, as well as where you would like to travel in the future!

4. Helicopter Ride

Want to do something out of the box? Why not try out an exciting activity to celebrate your anniversary? Helicopter flights have become a big hit over the years due to the many kinds of flights available for anniversaries. For instance, you and your partner can enjoy a helicopter wine tour or get an aerial view of some incredible sights near you.

5. Personalized Photo Puzzle

Do you have a favorite photo of you and your spouse? Why not spice it up by making it into a fun puzzle to solve together? If you and your partner love doing arts and crafts or want to try your hand at them together, this will provide the perfect opportunity to do so. When you are done solving the puzzle, you can frame it and hang it up in the house!

6. Engraved Whiskey Barrels

If your partner loves a good drink and has a pension for whiskey, they are sure to get a kick out of personalized whiskey barrel engravings. On these whiskey barrels, you can get all kinds of special messages engraved, serving as a fun way to both enjoy a drink and celebrate one’s love.

7. Cashmere Sweater

A comfortable sweater: who doesn’t love one? Cashmere sweaters make an ideal gift for many different kinds of celebrations but are a big hit with anniversaries. They’re a good choice for both men and women as they are a gift that they can use often. If your anniversary happens to fall in the winter months, this gift will be one of your best bets!

If sweaters just don’t do it for your partner, though, other forms of clothing could be perfect. For instance, why not help your partner feel sexy and confident by giving them the gift of satin lingerie? With so many styles to choose from and in various colors, you can find the ideal one for them that will be of high quality and soft to touch. It will be the perfect thing for spicing up your romance.

8. Flowers

They are a classic for a reason. Flowers have long been used for portraying one’s love, and for a good reason. Not only are they beautiful, but they also send the ultimate message of love, care and tenderness. The kinds of flowers you purchase will depend on the year of your anniversary, though roses remain the most classic option for most.

Anniversary gifts act as an excellent opportunity to remind your partner how much you love them and will continue to love them in the coming years. Whether your partner is up for an exciting adventure or would prefer something they can use every day with joy, there are plenty of ways to say “happy anniversary” through a romantic gift!

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