The long-held belief that engagement rings are exclusive for women is not valid anymore. Even though men’s jewelry has been popular for a long time, it is rarely appreciated. It contributes to the misperception that men can’t wear jewelery, let alone engagement rings that show that their single status has been taken.

To confound this belief, Daria De Koning’s jewlery is inspired by the twentieth century where men’s jewelery items were not only exquisite but bespoke. It’s time for you to learn how to shop for an engagement ring like an expert by finding out which styles he would like.

The use of engagement rings is  a known tradition with different cultures. In the first years of the twenty-first century, men’s engagement rings became popular. Since then, men’s engagement rings have been a part of the wedding conversation as wedding jewelry.

A Brief History Of Men’s Engagement Rings

As a matter of fact, men’s engagement rings have been readily accessible in the USA for over a century. Men’s engagement rings can now be found in intricate designs with diamonds, gemstones, and mixed metals. For quite some time, ads for engagment rings were generally masculine and catered to middle-class males with a decent income.

The  fad naturally fizzled out and it is actually later on that it picked momentum again. It was actually Humphrey Bogart, an Amercian Hollywood movie star, who popularized wedding bands in the 1940s.

Does An Engagement Ring Replace A Wedding Band?

Through the times, engagement rings have symbolized undying love and devotion across the globe. In most cultures, wedding rings symbolize a couple’s commitment and shared destiny. An engagement ring is not the same as a wedding band in this regard.

Today, men’s wedding bands are just as significant as wedding bands for women. Wearers may wear both rings concurrently or alternately.So, both these pieces of diamond jewelry hold great importance in a wedding.

How To Choose The Right Engagement Ring For A Man?

Imagine, you have finally met the guy you can see yourself spending the rest of your life with. You give your affirmation when he pops the question.  The ring is a huge symbol of love between the both of you. 

You should do a few things before looking at men’s lab-grown diamond engagement rings. We have compiled this handy guide to help you choose the perfect ring for your boyfriend.

1. Precisely What Kind Of Ring Does He Prefer?

You must find out the preferred engagement ring style for your future spouse.

If he’s a jewelry fanatic like Johnny Depp and routinely wears rings and bracelets, he will want something to match. However, if he almost never wears jewelry, a simplistic design may be best.

Find out what kind of fashion he prefers by:

  • Take a peek at his jewelry collection
  • Ask directly what kind of jewelry he likes
  • Check out his outfits to see what complements his taste
  • Go with him to a jewelry store and observe his preferences

Knowing his style and jewelry can help you choose his engagement ring.

2. What Tone Of Metal Suits Him Best?

Even though white gold bands are the norm for engagement rings, other metals can also be used. Many metal tones are available to suit a wide range of aesthetic and practical needs.

Men’s Engagement Ring Metal Color Options:

  • White/Yellow Gold: Engagement rings are often made of this metal since it is the most common. 
  • Palladium: Palladium is often confused for platinum because of its similar appearance.
  • Titanium: A lightweight metal that is hypoallergenic
  • Platinum: It has a silver appearance but won’t tarnish or fade over time. Ideal for someone who uses their hands often in their profession and requires a durable ring to last them a long time. 
  • Silver: A less expensive metal option.
  • Tungsten: A hard metal that is four times as scratch-resistant as titanium.

If you have any particular doubts about your metal choice, a jewelry designer is your best bet. How a ring will be worn, and any other specifics of the ring may be discussed.

For instance, it should be specified that the item needs to be lightweight or hypoallergenic. A jeweler can recommend the most cost-effective options as well.

3. The Width & The Diameter Of The Rings

Regarding men’s engagement rings, 8 mm is the standard width. There are, however, thicker alternatives available. Some of these rings are just 2 mm thick! The ring size of the groom-to-be is an extra factor to consider while shopping for an engagement ring.

Men should look for a tight fit that slides easily over the knuckle. The jeweler can help you establish your ring size by comparing your finger’s diameter to a chart.

4. Selecting The Perfect Diamond

Men’s engagement and wedding rings traditionally had fewer diamonds or were a single-piece gem. A diamond band is a standard feature of today’s male engagement rings. Yellow gold paves with a diamond band is a lovely engagement ring.

One further consideration is the diamond’s hue. It’s possible that grades G–I–and J provide the best value.  A casual observer would never guess that these diamonds contain even the slightest hint of color.

5. Cost Of An Engagement Ring

If you are going to be financing the ring, decide on a reasonable monthly sum that won’t put a strain on your finances.

Buying an engagement ring is a big financial commitment; for some, the process may be emotional too. You risk making an impulsive purchase if you don’t do your research.

Laboratory-created diamonds are readily available and far cheaper than their naturally mined counterparts. The usual price for a lab-grown diamond that weighs 1 carat is between $800 to $1,000.

6. Choose A Wedding Band To Match Yours

Besides the engagement ring, he may also want a wedding band, so keep that in mind while you shop.

Most men’s engagement rings will look good with a simple gold or platinum bands. You may suggest that he wear his engagement ring as his wedding band.

7. Try Your Best About The Design

The practice of men wearing a ring to symbolize they are engaged is a practice that is somewhat unconventional, but nonetheless, not rare and one that is gaining popuarity.

Men’s engagement rings and wedding bands are simple, whereas women’s may be intricate. Men’s engagement rings contain larger stones, flashier designs, and newer metals.  So as far as design goes, it is entirely up to your partner to choose what he prefers.

Men’s Engagement Rings: What Are The Most Well-Liked Options?

  • There is no need to make radical changes to a tried and true classic. It’s typical for men’s engagement rings to have minimalist metal bands. A comfort fit rings feature softened interior edges for comfort.
  • An engagement ring made of brushed metal can be the best option for a modern man who pays attention to detail. The matte finish of the textured metal band is more at ease than that of a highly polished metal ring. Men’s rings often combine a polished band with a brushed metal inlay for contrast.
  • Men adore black engagement rings for their sophisticated flair and manliness. The metals used to make them vary, but some common ones include tungsten and black titanium. They may take on a very sleek, industrial style when given a brushed finish. Even some all-black rings may be found with a yellow or rose gold band to show off their opulence.

Final Words

In today’s ever-expanding market, you are sure to find the perfect engagement ring for your future spouse. Fortunately, there are several things you can do that will be useful in this situation starting from understanding his taste, to looking at various trending options that suit your partner the best.

However, if you have read this article in its entirety, we are certain that you have gained a great deal of knowledge. It’s time to accept that proposal and present him with a ring of his dreams as a sign of your happily ever-after.  Do it now!

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