Are you looking for a life partner? Unfortunately, being a single woman isn’t that easy. The world is still not very welcoming and safe for alone women. So, if you are wondering about getting a handsome man on your side, there must be some thoughts in your mind. I mean, all the girls have a wild imagination about their prince charming. Some like dominating men, whereas some being dominating like him to be timid.  

There are so many choices to be made like his looks, appearance, physical attributes, and above all, his qualities. To spend a long lifetime, we need somebody who is similar to us, so it gets easier to tolerate each other every day. Rather than being egoistic and a fling, a life partner should be kind, generous, benevolent, supportive, and sympathetic towards others.   

So, it is a daunting task to find a perfect guy for yourself with whom you can spend an eternity of happy memories. Now, question yourself, what is more important for you- a handsome man with a good physique or an understanding and loving guy? If you fall for qualities and kind behavior is a charm for you, you must take Men Type Quiz Made for Women. There’s a test named “What type of men do I attract?” to know the type of guys who can make the perfect match with you. The quiz asks several questions that you have to revert to with utmost honesty, and then you will obtain the results.  

This way, you will get a specific category of men out of all its defined categories, based on your choices and priorities. Wishing you all the luck to start this simple journey to discover the man of your preferences.  

What Is Men Type Quiz Made For Women?  

Psychologists have researched and studied everything. For instance, they have categorized men also into diverse categories. So, the men type quiz made for women test is based on it only.   

This popular “types of men” quiz has enlisted the most general, common, and sensible types of boys. It asks many relevant questions and then matches its answers to the set categories of men. In the last, it figures out the most matched category of men as the perfect match for the girl taking the test. The categories that psychologists have separated different men into include:

  • The Magician   
  • The Lover  
  • The King  
  • The Warrior  

These are the fixed four categories, which you will obtain at the end of the test. These are known as personality archetypes. There’s no doubt that men have been really active in such dating activities for the longest time since history began. All these categories elaborate even the names and traits of men belonging to them. It’s interesting to read out all these categories and determine the needed traits. So, let’s read it out.  

Men Type Quiz Made For Women: Categories Of Types Of Men  

1. The Magician Man  

Men with a personality of wisdom, knowledge, and sophistication fall under this category. These can also be referred to as Illusionists. They love to explore new places and try out new things. In addition, their discipline and mental strength make them ideal candidates and offer an upscale profile and high status.  

They are helping and caring but aren’t that invested emotionally. They stay slightly detached from personal relations and believe in the practicality of things. They are more concerned about their future plans and are less into romanticized surprises and delights.  

The individuals in Men Type Quiz Made for Women are further disseminated into two types:

  • The White Magicians

These types of magicians or illusionists are ideal partners for their futuristic approach and humongous knowledge. Moreover, they are into spiritual information gathering and are kind of gurus or mentors who look for beauty inside their eyes and minds. They are less attracted to similar types of girls. They are not that straightforward by nature but are very thoughtful people who can know you better than anyone around in very little time.  

  • The Dark Magicians

These men use their wisdom and huge information to manipulate and dominate others. They like controlling others. Also, these are considered as masters of disguise as they can turn into cold-hearted demons from affectionate lovers in the blink of an eye. They are pessimists and blame others for all bad things. They don’t rely on others and doubt everyone, including their close ones.  

2. The Lover Man  

They acquire this name as they are associated with sensual pleasure and love passionately. Their love and romance aren’t only confined to bed, but their emotions act as an energy that can perceive the entire world. Additionally, the lover men are fully involved and live in the present moments of life. They enjoy their life keeping their hearts out and aren’t afraid of society and its judgments. For instance, no matter if they can sing or dance, they’ll always do so. Similarly, if they don’t like anything, they won’t even look at it.  

Lovers are divided into two categories in Men Type Quiz Made for Women:

  • The Strong Lovers  

They believe in giving and receiving pleasure with love, affection, and kindness. They enjoy their present and do not worry about their future. They are very romantic and believe in big dreamy promises. Though their willpower isn’t that strong so, sometimes they make false promises and claims to their loved ones. They are less loyal and often give imaginary hopes to their partners. They live and believe only in the present, loving moments, so they are a little skeptical about their future. On the other hand, they are energetic, exciting, fun-loving, and crazy. The strong lover men can give women pleasant memories to cherish throughout.  

  • The Damned Lovers  

They enjoy loving their surrounding environment. They immerse themself in full satisfaction, often leading to various addictions and needs. They can become drug or sex addicts with time under some adverse conditions of life.   

It is very essential for women to be aware of such men. Their identification is that they call you in periods or hang out when they are excessively drunk. Moreover, they can’t even keep the claims and promises they make. They suffer a lot financially and mentally because of their addictions, mostly when they lose something precious in gambling or so.  

3. The King Man  

This category suits a few individuals who are independent and dominant in their lives. They rule and control their life. They have some role model that keeps them motivated throughout.  

They aren’t attention- seekers and aren’t greedy for anyone’s appreciation. They believe in actions and not just words. But unfortunately, their quality of dominance often makes them a little unfaithful in some life situations.  

Two types of the King Men:

  • The Sovereign Kings  

These men rise tall both physically and spiritually in life. These are often referred to as alpha males and have traits like being independent, strong, supportive, territorial, and focused on their life goals. Though everything seems positive until this, yet there are some dark traits the men in the king’s category possess. 

  • The Kings in the Shadows  

Some men don’t realize and gradually become tyrants from dominating kings. Such people tend to push away and distance their close ones from them. They think it can help them focus better on their life goals and future. A little bit of tyranny is ample for a determined and ambitious person, but not more than this. Also, there’s always some weakling associated with such a person.  

Such people are usually oppressed in their pasts, due to which they become like this. So, if they get hurt, they immediately blame others for it. But, then, they just want to seek their revenge either from here or there.

4. The Warrior Man  

It is one of the prevalent categories of men in the men type quiz made for women. These are very brave and usually have a lean body, with six-packs that look best when soaked in sweat. The physical attributes of the men belonging to this category change from time to time. It’s due to society’s marks and norms regarding ancient warrior traits. They think of their personality as more aggressive than appealing.   

This category is bisected into two types. 

  • The Champion Warriors  

They are more like your dream heroes, as they are intelligent, sensible, courageous, handsome, and invested in their looks and appearance. These men remain quite well-groomed. They are romantic and love passionately. They focus on enjoying their life and are fun-loving. They are very supportive and stay loyal towards the women they love.   

No matter how many girls approach them, they stay loyal to a single girl. They stay devoted to their friends and partners.   

  • The Villains Among Warriors  

Warriors themselves are very competitive by nature and are often confused regarding what and where they stand in their lives. Their life is quite mysterious; supposedly, they are superstars or quite successful, but they may end up losing everything if they don’t recognize their talents properly. Their life can turn upside down at any moment. They try to add an element of peace to everything, such as relations, profession, etc.   

They often represent their anger and frustration physically. They are kinky and have traits of machoism and sadism.  

Other Categories Of Men In Men Type Quiz Made For Women  

It is illogical and senseless to classify all men into only four categories. Every individual is unique and has certain special traits in their personality. Considering general facts and local observation, men can be classified into numerous other types too. Accessing nature and all traits possessed by different categories of men, you can find the perfect man made for you. So, besides warriors, kings, lovers, and magicians, here are some other categories.  

Impeccable Men  

We meet such men every day. They’re good-looking and attractive. They enjoy huge female attention. They live a comfortable life and own a good lifestyle. Financially they are quite stress-free. While everything seems perfect, they lack the factor of attraction in their relationships. These men can be a good match for the women unknown with this fact. Bust as you get close to such men, you realize the reality. Such men seem too polished for society. Try to avoid hanging out or dating such men as you will suffer in the end.  

Socializing Men  

As the name suggests, they love to socialize and are party animals. Such men can easily be eye-witnessed at occasional functions and parties. They try to impress women with their cool dressing, dashing personalities, charming looks, and polite attitude.  

They are attention seekers and try to be at the center with their lame or not so funny jokes. Such men aren’t very good to spend life with. They are only attracted to girls with similar personalities and aren’t interested in others.   

They spend your lifestyle very productively, being engaged in work, enjoying, partying, eating, sleeping, and repeating. Their personal lives are usually confiscated and messed up. It’s not necessary that they are independent or rich, which is their biggest concern. No matter what, they always meet others with a big smile on their faces.  

Egomaniacal Men  

They are suppressive by nature and are self-obsessed. They think very highly of themself and hate being compared to others. Men falling under this category are attractive and charming. They usually have everything a woman likes. But their goodness is only restricted to their outside and are quite opposite on the inside.  

They are very judgmental for women. They classify them on the basis of their looks and appearance and want a perfect partner. Due to this, they seem rude, insensitive, fake, or even unkind to others. But in reality, they are just too concerned and are hypersensitive. It gets hard for women to be with such men for long, and they are often left alone in relationships. Their deeds feel like torture to their partners.  

Different Men  

Women usually look for different men who seem unique. And such different men lack confidence and aren’t very good with their decision-making skills. They are not good at tackling different life situations. Such men stay in love with their girls forever. There’s no lie in saying that they love madly. Such men make the best husbands because they always agree with their wives.  

Intellectual Men  

Of course, they have profound knowledge and information about everything and anything. You can talk to them about every single topic, like sports, movies, technology, commerce, brands, professionalism, entertainment, economics, and politics. They appear as champions in discussions. They usually attract career-oriented and professional women. They are both clumsy and attractive at the same time.  

They are weird because, being excellent in everything, they have the same expectations from their partners. Girls often fall for men with different personalities with excellent skills. But when men of this category expect the same from the women, it becomes a disappointment.  

Questionnaire Of Men Type Quiz Made For Women  

These are the categories in which all the men have been categorized based on different traits, looks, and habits. So now, you can easily classify your boyfriend or husband as per their nature. And for single ladies, you can also figure out what type of man is perfect for you.  

Take this “What type of man do I like?” quiz, answer a set of questions, and you will get to know what category of men is perfect for you. The questions are simple and can give you surprising outputs. So, let’s figure out the questions mentioned in the men type quiz made for women.  

Question 1: Your father is a __________  

  1. Teacher  
  2. A boss  
  3. A leader  
  4. Athlete  

Question 2: Out of these, what were you like in your high school?  

  1. Topper/Nerd  
  2. Musician  
  3. Cheerleader  
  4. Journalist  

Question 3: The most handsome boys in the class are usually_________  

  1. Leader of the student council  
  2. Sports lovers  
  3. Philosophers/ Poets  
  4. Painters  

Question 4: Pick up the best tour job.  

  • Reporter  
  • Doctor  
  • Engineer  
  • Educationalist  

Question 5: Your preferred place to live  

  1. Sky-towering flat  
  2. Countryside bungalow  
  3. Penthouse in New York  
  4. A cottage  

Question 6: What kind of clothes do you find appealing on your man?  

  1. Formals with tie  
  2. Beachy outfit with shorts and hat  
  3. Sports attire  
  4. Casuals  

Question 7: Who sorts out bills when on a date?  

  1. I want to, but he never allows  
  2. He pays mostly, and sometimes we split  
  3. He mostly says he doesn’t have money  
  4. I never pay  

Question 8: What is your idea of a perfect kiss?  

  1. Holding tightly in arms  
  2. Unexpected kiss resulting in many others  
  3. A caring and passionate kiss  
  4. Kissing in the rain  

Question 9: Who are you closest to?  

  1. Family  
  2. Friends  
  3. Girlfriend/Boyfriend  
  4. Sister/Brother  

Question 10: How do you like to spend your vacation?  

  1. Playing games on a PC  
  2. Quality time with family at home  
  3. Lying in bed and daydreaming  
  4. Going out and partying  

Question 11: Choose your most liked movie genre.  

  1. Romantic  
  2. Action flick  
  3. Thriller/Crime  
  4. Biopics  

Question 12: Pick the car of your dreams.  

  1. Sports SUV  
  2. Rolls Royce Sedan  
  3. Hybrid XUV  
  4. I’m not into cars  

Question 13: What are your thoughts on seeing an actress or other girl with your ex?  

  1. It does not affect me  
  2. I will appreciate and complement both  
  3. I hate him and won’t see him again  
  4. I will show off being happy but feel jealous inside  

Question 14: What is your priority in life?  

  1. Love  
  2. Social norms  
  3. Equality and Power  
  4. Intelligence  

Question 15: Choose your favorite animal.  

  1. Lion  
  2. Fox  
  3. Eagle  
  4. Rabbit  

Question 16: Name somebody you want to date.  

  1. Spiderman  
  2. Batman  
  3. Sherlock Holmes  
  4. Aladdin  

Question 17: Who would you want to marry?  

  1. A wealthy man  
  2. My secret crush of childhood  
  3. Not into commitment  
  4. Somebody who equally loves me  

Question 18: Who do you like the most?  

  1. Family  
  2. Friends  
  3. Partner  
  4. Siblings  

Question 19: Choose What You Like.  

  1. The King  
  2. The Magician  
  3. The Warrior  
  4. The Lover  

At The End  

Every woman has her own taste, likes, and dislikes. So, she is quite picky when it comes to their life partner. For instance, some women’s hearts melt for guys’ looks, whereas some fall for their qualities. Everything is important to a certain point.   

There are two kinds of ladies, one who look for long-term relations but are dominating, whereas others want their men to be active and dominating. Be whatever, but every woman searches for a man opposite her personality.   

Most women look for somebody with a sensitive heart and sincere nature who can support them in different life situations. If a man has a loving and caring attitude and is kind by behavior, that’s all one needs. Having a deep conversation with the man you are interested in can reveal a lot. A man you love must not be a fling or commitment-phobic. He must love you for who you are and not try to change you to make you fit his desires.   

This men type quiz made for women has a set of questions. You have to answer each of them honestly. You basically have to select any one option out of the four as a reversion to each question. And then, based on your responses, you will acquire the result as to which category of man suits you. Then you can start a search for that particular kind of man.  

Honestly, it is a fun test, and you obtain knowledge regarding men and their behavior. Though the questionnaire is set by psychologists, yet don’t rely on it completely. It is senseless to fall for any man just because his traits match what this simple test showed you. No matter whether the test is designed after a lot of scientific research, it is still not a good way to find your perfect match. Try such things only for fun.   

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