Shopping for a luxury rug requires planning. Whether you shop online or at designer tapestry stores, you’re going to view several rugs. Many of them are unique. One differs from the next slightly in shade, size, or pattern.

Acquiring a high-end tapestry offers several benefits such as:

  • Floor protection
  • Comfort
  • Makes interior decorating easier
  • Frames a space

Sometimes all you need is a beautiful rug to pull together an interior design look. In open layout spaces, the tapestries create rooms.

The following is a luxury rug buying rug guide on how to choose the perfect rug for you.

1. Pick Its Place

There are two ways to approach a new tapestry purchase. Either it’s going to blend in with your current home interior design or it’s going to direct it moving forward.

When you start the process, pick its place. Some individuals place it in the living room. Others want it for the home’s entryway. Moreover, some people purchase a series of smaller rugs and place them around the house.

2. Measure The Space

Knowing where the rug is going to live helps you understand the size you can purchase. It’s not possible to alter their size without altering their integrity. However, it’s OK to acquire a rug that’s smaller rather than too large.

During your search, you’re going to view styles that you fall in love with but aren’t the right size. Instead of facing disappointment, measure the space. Then, narrow down your search by size.

3. Set Your Budget

Rug prices range from $100 to $100,000. Of course, you’ll find luxury rugs on the higher end. However, it’s possible to find a beautiful tapestry in the lower range too.

As you narrow down your choices, narrow them down further by setting your budget.

You might find a tapestry that exceeds your budget. Decide how much above your number you’re willing to go over.

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4. Pick A Textile

The most common textile for rugs is wool. Wool offers several benefits such as resistance to stains, durability, and easier to clean.

Other textiles to consider are:

  • Nylon
  • Acrylic
  • Silk
  • Cotton
  • Polyester
  • Blended

Silk rugs double as works of art. Cotton is a great material for flat-weave tapestries. Nylon falls into the man-made fiber category. Tapestries that rest in high traffic areas benefit from synthetic fibers.

5. Consider The Color

Now it’s time to pick the color. Solid-colored tapestries exist. So do versions with mostly solid color and a slight pattern. From there, tapestries become more ornate.

During the Medieval period in Europe, the Orient started to send more exports to the European public. This introduced silk and color-rich tapestries to the West.

The most common rug color people purchase is beige. It’s followed by gray and brown. As mentioned earlier, your tapestry will match the existing decor or lead it. Therefore, during your search, know what you hope to accomplish.

6. Do You Want A Pattern?

If you want a rug with a pattern, there is no shortage of options. You’ll find them with waves, stripes, and fades.

Others are solid in color and have intricate details along the borders. Some feature one pattern in the center.

If you want a pattern, you can find it on your future tapestry.

7. Understand The Maintenance

Finally, understand your new rug’s maintenance. Most benefit from daily sweeping and weekly vacuuming. Then, it’s important to schedule a deep cleaning annually.

Some rugs are more delicate than others. Therefore, they can’t handle vacuuming. As you pick out your luxury rug, speak with a sales associate. Ask them to outline the maintenance requirements. Then ensure that you can keep up with it.

If you plan to invest in a high-end tapestry, it’s worth investing in its maintenance too, especially if you purchase a vintage rug. The older the rug, the more delicate it becomes over time.

In addition, acquire a rug pad. The pad helps the tapestry remain in place. It keeps the edges intact and the pattern in good shape.


Shopping for a new luxury rug is a fun experience that requires some due diligence. Once you narrow down your options, it’s easier to find the perfect rug for your home.

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