Selling a house is not that easy as selling your everyday products. You have to do market research and determine your home’s value so you can price it correctly. There are also a lot of preparations needed, from decluttering and redecorating to renovating the property. Once done, you need to have your property listed and market it to make it more visible to potential buyers.

A trend report from Zillow also shows that 95% of home sellers are stressed throughout the selling process. Because home-selling can be complex and tedious, most home sellers opt to hire a real estate agent for help. The good news is that there is a way to skip all these tasks and sell a house for cash quickly. That is by finding cash buyers for houses.

Cash Buyers For Houses

Planning to sell your house soon?

If you type in “sell my house fast for cash near me” on Google, you’ll find many websites offering a quick way to buy your house. They are usually called “cash buyers for houses” or “house-buying companies”.

They are also referred to as equity purchase companies (EPs) or opportunity investors helping home sellers to get rid of their properties fast.

Types Of Home-Buying Companies

There are different kinds of house-buying companies out there, like the one you will find here – They only differ with the intention of the purchase, the type of property they prefer, and the experience they offer to sellers.

Here are some of the most common cash home buyers.

House Flippers

If you’re looking to sell houses for cash regardless of their condition, contact house flippers. They typically look for houses where cosmetic updates or mechanical repairs will boost the property’s equity. Then, they have the property renovated to add to its value and sell it to earn a profit. Fortunately, you’ll find many house flippers in major cities and most mid-sized metro areas.

Buy-and-Hold Companies

With this type of home-buying company, the investor buys a property with the intent of renting it out to tenants for a profit. Like house flippers, buy-and-hold companies search for properties that have enough potential equity or cash flow wherein they can offer a suitable return on investment for the owners or stakeholders.

These companies handle property management and repairs on their own. Other major buy-and-hold companies hire staff to take care of such aspects of a business. And because the intention is to earn rental income, this kind of investor typically prefers multi-family buildings or other types of rental properties.


These home-buying businesses use real estate transaction technology to make offers to home sellers. All you need to do is provide the iBuyer details about your property, such as its age or condition. Then, using its algorithm, it can determine your home’s future value.

The iBuyer will then present its cash offer, and if you accept, you’ll receive the cash within a few days. Unlike home flippers that buy properties as-is, iBuyers prefer properties in good condition and offer a fair market value to sellers. They also perform minimal repairs just to ensure the safety and functionality of a property before selling it.

The Typical Process Of Selling A Home For Fast Cash

While every house-buying company is different, their process of accommodating offers is somewhat similar.

1. Contact The Company

The first step begins with you contacting the cash home buyer. Search “sell my house fast online quote” on the Internet, and you’ll see a variety of options to choose from.

Once you’ve chosen a company, you can either contact them via phone or through their website. You will be asked to provide details about your home including its age, size, and condition.

A company representative will then contact you for some follow-up questions and to schedule a visit to your property.

2. Have Your Property Inspected By The Company

A representative from the house-buying company will go to your property to inspect it. This inspection will give them an idea of how much cash to offer you. Most cash home buyers acquire a property no matter what its condition is, so you don’t need to worry about the repairs.

3. Accept The Cash Offer & Close The Deal

Once you’re good with the cash offer, you can now sign the contract and be free from ownership of the property. You can also ask an expert’s advice, usually from an attorney, to check the terms of the contract before signing. The contract should include the agreed purchase price, amount of the deposit, and the closing date. Because there are no banks nor contingencies involved, you can receive your cash in as little as 14 days.

As you’ll be working to strict timetables, you should look at using a professional moving company, such as Triple A – they will be able to sort everything out for you and make the moving out process more streamlined and less stressful.

Benefits Of Selling To House-Buying Companies

Here are some reasons why you choose cash home buyers to help you with selling your property.

Quick Sales

If you’re looking to sell a house for cash quickly, your best option is to rely on house-buying companies. Since these investors buy houses with cash, this means that you no longer have to wait for bank or lender financing to get paid.

Compared to a traditional sale, the closing time frame only takes 14 to 24 days. Moreover, closing costs are handled by the cash home buyers.

No Need For Further Repairs

A direct home buyer will not require you to have the property repaired or redecorated. They buy properties as-is. Part of their job is to take care of the needed improvements before putting the purchased property on the market. This is a major difference from traditional sales that prefer properties in a ‘move-in ready’ condition.

Less Stress

Some of the common headaches encountered by home sellers include staging, showings, and appraisals. With cash home buyers, there’s no need to make the property look clean. Plus, you don’t have to deal with strangers coming in and out of your house. You will just have a house-buying representative come over, have them price the property, and you can get the cash offer immediately.


While most real estate investors are legal, some still take advantage of home sellers who are in a rush to get rid of their property. So, watch out for illegal “sell a house for cash quickly” schemes in the real estate industry. Make sure to conduct due diligence before signing any contract.

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