Let’s be honest; nobody enjoys the relentless chore of scrubbing the toilet bowl. That’s why products like Krazy Klean, an automatic toilet bowl cleaner, claim to be game-changers. Powered by an HMineral-Neutralizing Hydro Magnet System, it boldly declares that you’ll “never clean a toilet again.” But does it live up to this promise? The Krazy Klean reviews aim to uncover the truth about Krazy Klean, exploring its effectiveness, pros, and cons to make an informed decision about whether or not it is worth investing in.

What Is Krazy Klean?

Krazy Klean toilet bowl cleaner is designed to be the ultimate solution to toilet cleaning woes. It boasts an automated system that prevents stains caused by minerals in water, all without using harsh chemicals. According to the manufacturer, it’s eco-friendly and kind to your toilet tank. The promise is enticing – no more toilet brushes, bleach, sprays, or gloves needed. But can Krazy Klean genuinely deliver on these claims? This review aims to provide you with all the facts.

How Does Krazy Klean Toilet Bowl Cleaner Work?

Krazy Klean’s secret weapon is its Hydro-Mineral Magnet Technology, designed to neutralize the staining and scaling properties of minerals in water before they reach your toilet bowl. It’s a straightforward solution that sounds almost too good to be true – a self-cleaning toilet without chemicals or scrubbing.

The Simple Usage

Using Krazy Klean is as simple as its promises:

  1. Start by scrubbing off any existing stains with a stone scrubber.
  2. To clean your toilet tank, drop the Krazy Klean capsule.

That’s it – no complex instructions or tedious procedures, just a straightforward process that could potentially keep future stains at bay.

But, Is Krazy Klean Effective Against Stubborn Stains?

Here’s the catch – Krazy Klean is all about prevention, not intervention. It doesn’t have the power to eliminate existing stains; it focuses on ensuring that they don’t appear in the first place.

Can Krazy Klean Be Safely Used On Septic Tanks?

If you’re concerned about your septic system, Krazy Klean claims to be septic-safe. It’s free from toxic bleach, ammonia, phosphates, and petroleum-based chemicals that could harm your septic tank.

Pros & Cons


  • Efficient in preventing rust formation in both the toilet bowl and tank.
  • It is environmentally friendly, thanks to its chemical-free approach.


  • Unable to remove pre-existing stains.
  • Offers incomplete protection against new stains.

Our Verdict: Krazy Klean Reviews

Krazy Klean toilet bowl cleaner certainly presents an intriguing concept – a self-maintaining toilet that saves you from the drudgery of cleaning. However, our real-world experience paints a different picture. We ordered Krazy Klean Pro from their official website and followed the instructions carefully. After a week of use, we saw no noticeable change in our toilet’s condition. A deeper dive into their customer service revealed that Krazy Klean isn’t designed to tackle old stains – it can only prevent future ones.

In a second attempt on a different toilet, this time with a newer setup, we removed old stains with a pumice stone before introducing Krazy Klean. Disappointingly, the results were the same. New stains began to emerge, and we reached for the scrub brush again.

In conclusion, while Krazy Klean offers some merits, such as being eco-friendly and easy to use, its effectiveness may vary depending on your needs. If you have recently installed a new toilet and wish to avoid the formation of stains, consider some preventive measures. However, expect it to only the need for manual cleaning ultimately. Based on our experience, we rate Krazy Klean a 5 out of 10 – better than some alternatives but far from the magic solution it claims to be.

In reality, maintaining a spotless toilet may still require some effort and traditional cleaning methods. Individual results may vary, so consider your expectations before investing in Krazy Klean.


Does Krazy Klean remove existing tough stains?

No, Krazy Klean’s focus is on preventing future stains rather than eliminating stubborn existing ones. It is designed to free your toilet bowl and tank from mineral-related staining and scaling.

Can Krazy Klean be used on different surfaces apart from toilet bowls?

Yes, Krazy Klean’s preventive technology can be used on various surfaces that come into contact with water, helping minimize stains and scale formation.

Is Krazy Klean safe for septic systems?

Yes, it is safe for septic tanks. Its formula is free from harmful chemicals like bleach, ammonia, and phosphates that could harm septic systems. It offers an environmentally friendly approach to toilet maintenance.

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