Shopping for jewelry online can be a delightful experience, but also raises questions about the authenticity and reliability of the stores. Vivori Jewels, operating under the domain, is one such jewelry store that has garnered attention for its alluring collection. In this review, we’ll delve into the details of Vivori Jewelry, recount a personal experience, highlight key considerations before making a purchase, and ultimately assess its trustworthiness.

Exploring Vivori Jewels

Vivori Jewels, previously known as Viviori Jewelry, has been in operation since October 2022. The online store boasts an extensive array of jewelry pieces ranging from rings to bracelets, catching the eye of jewelry enthusiasts seeking both elegance and affordability.

Client Experience

“Intrigued by a TikTok endorsement, I decided to purchase a necklace for my sister from Vivori Jewels. Opting for the ‘Stella Herringbone Chain,’ my order arrived punctually, though the packaging left room for improvement. While I plan to replace the packaging, the necklace itself left a positive impression. Its simplicity combined with a subtle weight exuded quality. The fit was comfortable, not quite a choker, allowing it to dangle slightly. Enchanted by its charm, I found myself ordering another for personal use.”

Key Considerations

Before embarking on a shopping journey with, a few key points deserve attention:

Aspect Details
Store Identity Vivori Jewels was previously Viviori Jewelry, maintaining the same products and sales patterns.
Business Location The store claims to be an American company located in New Jersey, though no specific address is provided.
Discount Codes TikTok users have shared discount codes, but their authenticity remains questionable.
Contact Information The absence of a phone number on is noticeable; customer interactions are routed through email or Facebook.

Is Trustworthy?

Vivori Jewels emerged as a legitimate online jewelry store. However, certain concerns warrant attention. The lack of a clear business address and phone number may raise eyebrows, given the desire for transparency in online transactions. Despite this, no evidence supports claims of it being a scam.

To Conclude

In the world of online jewelry shopping, Vivori Jewels holds promise with its appealing pieces and positive customer experiences. The absence of definitive contact information does raise questions about transparency, yet it doesn’t necessarily implicate malintent. Shoppers intrigued by the allure of should approach discount codes with cautious optimism. Ultimately, while there are some areas for improvement, doesn’t appear to be a fraudulent enterprise.

Note: The review is based on available information as of the writing date and customer’s experiences. As with any online purchase, exercise prudence and consider all factors before making a decision.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Is Vivori Jewels a trustworthy online store?, previously known as Viviori Jewelry, offers a range of jewelry pieces. While its collection has gained attention, concerns arise from the absence of a specific business address and phone number. However, there’s no definitive evidence to brand it as a scam.

  1. Are TikTok discount codes for Vivori Jewels reliable?

TikTok features discount codes for, some claiming free jewelry with shipping costs. The authenticity of these codes is uncertain. The company disavows knowledge of such codes and asserts internal management of their distribution. Caution is advised, particularly if offers sound too good to be true.

  1. How’s the quality and service of

From the client’s experiences and available data, Vivori Jewels offers satisfactory jewelry quality. Customers have praised items like the ‘Stella Herringbone Chain.’ Packaging improvements have been suggested by some reviewers. As no phone number is available, communication occurs via email and Facebook.

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