Because of the federal system in place in the USA, each state has a large degree of control over the automobile laws within its borders. If you are planning to relocate to or visit Texas, then you need to become familiar with the by-laws that apply within the Lone Star State. Texas has long had a very healthy car culture. Featuring some of the most beautiful drives in the entire country, Texas is a Mecca for piston heads. Roads like El Camino Real are historical landmarks that can tell visitors a great deal about the topography and trade routes that helped to form the modern United States. Here is a quick rundown of some of the automobile laws that apply in Texas.


Third-party liability insurance is a legal requirement in Texas. If you are buying cheap car insurance in El Paso TX or any other Texan city, then you need to make sure that your insurance can cover at least 30,000 dollars per person injured in a crash that was your fault. You also need to make sure that 25,000 dollars worth of property damage coverage is included in your insurance plan. Any insurance policy that covers less than these amounts is not valid or legal in the state of Texas. This law was introduced in order to reduce the amount of debt that is accumulated by people involved in accidents that were not their fault.

Window Tinting

Window tinting laws vary hugely around the United States. Texas is a relatively strict state when it comes to the light admittance of your car windows. Your windshield may only be tinted on the top by 5 percent. Your front side windows must let in more than 25 percent of light. Your rear side windows must also let in 25 percent of light with the exception of SUV and people carrier vehicles. Window tinting laws were introduced in the United States to provide law enforcement officials with a legal guarantee of being able to see inside a vehicle during traffic stops. Many people still choose to tint their windows in Texas anyway due to the hot sun and also for aesthetic reasons.

Distracted Driving

Texas is one of the only states that does not have a comprehensive set of distracted driving laws. Unlike in most states, you cannot technically get booked by a police officer for using a phone if you have been driving for some time and not driving in a designated school zone. This does not mean that you cannot get in trouble for distracted driving. If you are found to be driving recklessly or in an unsafe manner due to your use of a mobile phone, then you can still get in a great deal of trouble. Driving while operating a mobile phone is a major cause of road fatalities across the United States of America. It is always best to avoid using your phone for anything other than navigation while on the road.

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