Your roof is an integral part of your home’s structure, so making sure it’s in good condition at all times is a must. If your roof is damaged in any way, ignoring the need to repair it will only lead to bigger problems in your home later on. It can be hard to know whether your roof is damaged, especially as it is out of sight from your main living space, but look out for the following signs to check if it requires your attention.

High Energy Bills

One of the first indicators that your roof might be damaged is if you noticed an increase in your energy bills. Although there are other reasons why your home is losing heat rapidly (damaged windows, poor insulation), it could also be because your roof needs some repair work. It could be that a tile has been broken, or the lining of your roof is torn, which is letting the heat out of your home. If you have noticed that your bills are higher than usual, and can see no obvious problems with your windows, check out your roof.


Another indication that your roof requires repairs is if there have been leaks starting from the top floors of your property. Watermarked walls, bubbling wallpaper and paint, and a damp smell are all signs that there have been leaks in your property. The walls might also be wet to the touch. Again, this could be because of damaged roof tiles or the lining, so call a roofing company to come and inspect your roof more thoroughly if you suspect a problem.

Light In The Attic

If you want to check for damage to your roof and have access to your attic space, a clear sign is if you can see exterior light coming in where it shouldn’t be. Even if there only appears to be the faintest light coming from outside, don’t ignore this because the problem will only get worse. If you can detect a breeze coming through the attic, this is also a warning sign that things might not be quite right.

Misplaced Roof Tiles

If you go outside of your property and look at the roof, do any of the tiles seem to be misaligned or missing entirely? While it might not seem like a big deal, a tile that is out of place can let in water, or perhaps tear at the lining of your roof if it is damaged. Checking on this every few months is a good idea, but particularly after a storm or a period of bad weather has passed, as the strong winds or flying debris could have resulted in damaging your roof tiles.

Bowing Roof

A bowing or sagging roof is when the main beam begins to dip in the middle, and this can be a disaster. Again, you will need to step outside of your property and get to a good vantage point to see this clearly, but if your roof is bowing you might need to get it replaced altogether if the beam is damaged. You should contact a professional roofer immediately as if you leave it too long, your roof could collapse.

Make sure your roof stays in good condition by looking out for these key signs of damage as regularly as possible.

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