When you are an owner or manager of any type of business, having a quality team of skilled and reliable employees is very important. Due to this, hiring a new team member is always a major decision that needs to be taken seriously. When you are going to hire someone new, it is important that you do all necessary diligence on the person. This includes having a proper employment verification done. There are several advantages that come when completing a third party employment verification.

Ensures Employment History Is Accurate

One of the advantages of doing an employment verification is that you can confirm that an applicant’s employment history is accurate. When you hire and interview someone, you will likely be making your decision largely on their past credentials and experience. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to tell if someone is lying or embellishing their past work experiences and successes. When you hire a third-party service to confirm their employment, you will be able to confirm where they have worked in the past and even confirm that their prior professional experiences and successes are in line with what they have written in their resume.

Know You Are Getting A Quality Employee & Team Member

Beyond know where the applicant worked in the past, you will also be able to confirm that you are hiring someone that has the skills and other requirements necessary to do the job. The employment verification service can help to confirm that the employee received the necessary licensure, training, and other experience that can help them to succeed.

Beyond knowing that you are getting a new hire that is experienced, you can also get a sense of whether they will be a good member of the team. The employment verification process will be able to determine whether the applicant left a former employer on good terms or not. You can then use this information to get an understanding of why they left and to determine if the cause of the prior separation is a concern for your business.

Benefits Of Using A Third-Party Service

It is clearly very important that you verify the employment history of someone before you hire them. While you can try to handle this internally, it often makes far more sense to use a third-party service. There are several benefits that come when you use a third-party service.

Effective Verification

One of the benefits of using a third-party employment verification service is that the process can be far more effective. Confirming someone’s employment and getting straight answers from former employers can be tricky. The third-party service will be experienced and skilled when it comes to handling this task, which can ensure that you get the confirmation and answers that you need to feel good about your newest hire.

Liability Mitigation

Anyone that is going to complete an employment check will also be taking on some liability. If your employment verification causes challenges with the applicant’s existing employer, you could be held liable. With a third-party service, you will know that the process is being handled the right way. This can greatly reduce any liability risk when you are looking to hire a new candidate.

Saves Time & Money

Finally, when you use a third-party service, you will also be able to save time. The process of confirming someone’s background and experience can be a time-consuming process. When you leave this to the professionals, you will be able to save this time and spend it on other areas of your business. This can help speed up the hiring process and keep your entire organization running more efficiently. It can also save a company money as they will not have to invest in another full-time employee to handle this aspect of the hiring process.

Hiring any new employee is a very big decision for any company. To ensure that you are getting a new team member that is a good fit, you should verify their employment history. When doing this, using a third-party employment service can be a great option as it provides a variety of different benefits.

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