Automotive suppliers are defined as companies that manufacture goods that are used in the production process of an automobile or become part of an automobile such that they supply these goods directly or indirectly to the manufacturer synonyms with original equipment manufacturer OEM like Tooley imports. These goods may be individual components like screws or entire assembly, such as free samples for modules. European car parts supplier in Australia are therefore part of an Automotive supply chain.

Suppliers are focusing on the electrification of mobility, autonomous driving and connectivity. The large corporations succeeded in doing this by separating whole business units that no longer fit into the portfolio in the long term and buying parts where gaps arise in future offerings.

Suppliers to the automatic industry can be divided into two groups. Automotive suppliers in the narrow sense are those companies that supply Automotive specific parts and components directly to an OEM. Automotive suppliers in the broad sense are companies that contribute non automotive tm specific services to the value chain.

As a rule, they are not considered to be part of the automotive industry as otherwise a large number of companies at a very low proportion of value added, would fall into the category.

M & As Of Automotive Suppliers

The speed of takeovers and spin off in 2017 was generally faster than in the previous year and there is much to advise that things will continue like this in the coming years. The well filled coffers of large companies and the general urge to become even more involved in the digitalization of the automatic world indicate that the coming year will be marked by major spin off and takeovers.

Start-Ups As Automotive Suppliers

The importance of a Creative starter that wants to play a decisive role in shaping future mobility is increasing. Their turnover in Euros may be below the top hundred threshold of 2.6 million Euros but their influence in the supply industry is growing rapidly. Top 10 Silicon Valley startups, stand for camera based systems for automatic driving. Driver attention has so far been able to collect over nearly 800 million Euros according to the latest M&A study. In addition to risk oriented venture capital companies, investors increasingly include Tier 1 suppliers who are reluctant to invest up to now. But times are changing. The leading Automotive suppliers are now on their way to the automotive future.

Job, Salary & Career In The Automotive Supplier Industry

Suppliers are praying for an increasingly important role and especially the big players are competing with manufacturers by developing new Business models from our especially with regard to the new movie Leti concept. But many automatic suppliers also take a lead on innovation in the market to stop whether as an Engineer project manager or sales specialist the wide range of employers in the supply industry of applicants and number of opportunities to contribute according to their qualifications.


The comprehensive salary report provides detailed information on the salary structure of the suppliers. First of all professional experience plays an important role in the level of income the people under the age of 30, receive an average income whereas those above 60 years receive more than an average.

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